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Crystal Nail file review

Posted in Tools on November 27, 2009 by ainamakeup

I’m still in the process of catching up with the current nail care techniques.  Up until about a week ago, I’d never even heard of a crystal or glass nail file – and I had no idea what I was missing…

I recently did makeup for a film crew.  The hours are long and there’s alot of idle time. There’s an old saying, “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” and that definitely applies to me when it comes to my hands.  When I’m bored or nervous I usually start messing with my nails.  What starts off as picking at a chip in my polish turns into me peeling all the polish off my nails.  Without the protection of nail polish, I’ll begin to start searching for peels in my actual nail.  I have a horrible problem with my nails peeling into layers and I’ve never been able to prevent it.  When I see a peel just waiting to happen, I make it happen.  Yes I know it’s horrible!  At that point there’s no going back, and at the end of the day my nails are naked, edges rough from my biting them and surface uneven from the layers that have come off.  I’m considering going into “therapy” giving up color polish and truly commit to using Nailtiques for two weeks.  And when I do, you’ll be seeing a post from me about the experience!

Now back to the main point of this post.  I did some research on glass files and why they are better than steel/metal (which I never liked) and emery boards.  I’ve been using emery boards for years but they do get gunky and dusty either living in the bottom of my purse or in my bag o’ nail stuff I keep in my house.  So I went searching for glass nail files and I found two.  One mini sized to keep in my purse and a larger one for home.

I filed myGlass Files nails from the mess I made of them doing the film shoot and Holy cow!  What a difference! First of all, the filing was quick!  I didn’t have to do much to get the edges smooth.  With emery boards I’d always notice places where the edge was not smooth and I wouldn’t realize it until I had finished polishing my nails.  Then I would have to try and fix the problem without ruining the finish.

I absolutely adore glass files.  I’m a complete convert.  The best things about them are 1) they will never wear out because the surface is etched.  2) they are easy to clean, just run them over warm water.  3) they are also easier to sanitize.  Why don’t nail salons use these?  I don’t get my nails professionally done but I did get mine done in August for a wedding and I saw no glass files.  What’s up with that?  Maybe the fancier ones do use them and I just don’t know since I don’t go to higher end salons.  In  any event. I’m getting one for my mom and whoever else I can think of.  I’m ready to spread the word!


NOTD – China Glaze Wagon Trail

Posted in China Glaze, NOTD on November 25, 2009 by ainamakeup

Hola Lacquerholics!!!

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted but that’s because I had a gig doing a film shoot for a web series.  We put in 4 twelve-hour days so I had no time.  I even went a few days without any polish on my nails!!!  Oh the horror!

I ordered a big haul of China Glaze polishes that I’d missed out on in my haze of being out of the polish loop.  I was lucky enough to be able to still buy them and for normal prices! The one I was most excited about is Wagon Trail from the China Glaze Rodeo Diva Collection.  And here it is!!!

China Glaze Wagon Trail I wish I had more opportunity to do outdoor shots but between working all day and it being overcast as of late, I just haven’t been able to do it.  Oh and ignore the bad polish job.  I was delirious as it was 2 in the morning when I took this.  I’ll be doing more China Glaze “jumping on the bandwagon” posts in the coming days.  I just love these polishes!!!

My DIY Weekly manicure

Posted in DIY, Manicure, Nail Care on November 18, 2009 by ainamakeup

Given the state of the economy, I’m sure many of us have had to cut out little luxuries like that grande non-fat soy latte, saving on gas to take public transportation, or in my case…mani/pedis.  A professional manicure was the first thing to go when I fell victim to the economy and lost my 9 to 5 two years ago.  I almost always did my nails myself especially when I was younger but loved getting pro manicures when I had the cash to do so.  It wasn’t hard for me to sacrifice a good hand massage (my favorite part of the pro manicure) because I knew I had everything I needed at home to do them myself.  Hell, why buy all that nail polish if I wasn’t going to use it!

I’m no nail professional, and I’m sure I don’t do everything correctly (I’m probably the messiest nail painter in the world.  I never could color inside the lines) but about once a week, I give myself a good manicure.  I do the following:

  • Remove all traces of polish.  When I’m being meticulous, I go in with a pointy cotton swab dipped in polish remover and get in around the sides to get everything, particularly if I’m removing dark polish.  I think most of the bloggers out there use Zoya Remove+ but I’ve yet to jump on that bandwagon.  I just use Sally Hansen – with acetone because I don’t want to spend 5 hours removing my nail polish!
  • I file my nails using an emery board.  I hear using a glass file is better for your nails.  I’m definitely going to look into that in the near future, but in the meantime, I’m still on emery boards.  They’re cheap and work for me.  I file in one direction for the most part as I remember reading that filing in both directions can weaken nails.
  • Next, I use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover.  What I love about it is it dissolves the excess skin and potential hang nails without having to soak my nails.  You’re not supposed to leave the product on for more than a minute so I work quickly pushing my cuticles back using one made of sandstone.  I don’t cut my cuticles and if I am getting my nails professionally done, I usually request that they push back only.
  • Next I’ll make a mixture of part foot or body scrub and part hand cream or body lotion and rub it all over my hands for a few minutes then rinse and wash my hands.
  • After that, I’ll use hand cream or body lotion on my hands.  I’m not picky, I use whatever I’ve got.  Although I love H2O Plus hand cream and every now and again I’ll treat myself to a tube!
  • I remove any traces of oil by using polish remover once more.
  • Hopefully by then I’ll have decided which color to use.  I usually pull out a few colors and then wait until the last minute to decide.
  • I use a base coat of Poshe 4 in 1 treatment base, or Nailtiques formula 2.  I have a terrible problem with my nails peeling into layers and using Nailtiques (when I’m being consistent about it) really works well.
  • I’m a two coat polish girl
  • My top coat is either Seche Vite or thanks to All Lacquered Up’s recommendation Olan Quick and Slick.  It’s the shiniest topcoat I’ve ever used in my life.  Better yet, it dries just as fast as Seche.  I just wish I could find it in a store near me than just on the internet.
  • When I’m sure my manicure is completely dry I’ll use Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme before I go to bed.

And there you have it!   I’ll be working on a film shoot for the next 5 days so I probably won’t be posting much, but I’ll be back soon!

NOTD – China Glaze Recycle

Posted in China Glaze, Gray, NOTD on November 18, 2009 by ainamakeup

It seems as though I was the last to know about this fabulous gray shade from China Glaze.  I may be late to the party, but I’m here!  I really like this color and I generally love China Glaze formulas and am kinda kicking myself for not discovering this brand earlier.  The reason being, in NYC, there isn’t much direct access to China Glaze polishes as they are only sold at Sally Beauty Supply and the closest one to me is way out in Brooklyn or just over the Holland Tunnel in NJ.  I get there whenever I can to check out the new collections.

This will be one of many China Glaze catch up posts as I recently bought quite a few essential (IMO) shades I didn’t have.  Have a great day, everyone!!!

My First Franken

Posted in Blue, Essie, franken, glitter with tags on November 15, 2009 by ainamakeup

So, for a while there, I was out of the nail polish game and not really up on what was going on and I completely missed out on Essie Starry Starry Night.  So I decided to make my own.  I didn’t even decide to make it until I noticed a few polishes  in one of my local beauty supply stores in Bkln that I thought could do the trick.

This formula is half of Brucci’s Black & Blue with half of an old Essie color I found called Silver Bullions.  Those of you who are lucky enough to have SSN, PLEASE take a look and let me know if I’m close to the original!  This is 3 coats with a topcoat of Olan Quick & Slick.

My Starry Starry Franken

So how close am I?

You might be a Lacquerholic if…

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2009 by ainamakeup

1) You can spot a color on a someone’s nails by sight alone.  Bonus points if you’ve said anything like “You’re wearing ‘Wicked’ right?” to someone.

2) You’ve struck up nail polish conversations with strangers who you could tell were “one of us” because on one else in your life gets it.

3) You change the color of your polish almost as often as you change your undies

4) You own more than 50 bottles of nail polish

5) You can easily spend an entire day going from store to store (or from website to website) in search of new nail polishes

6) You feel naked or incomplete when you’re not wearing any polish.

7) Your friends don’t bother to get their nails done anymore because they can just come to your place and do their nails

8 ) When you can’t find the color you want, you just make it yourself

9) You’ve crossed state lines to go to the one store that had the new OPI fall collection because you couldn’t find it near you (Come on!  I can’t be the only one!) and you want to (or have) traveled to different countries to see the sights but really to get nail polish you can’t get in your country!

10) You spend more on nail polish and nail paraphernalia than you do on booze!

NOTD Nubar Toga Purple

Posted in Nubar, Purple on November 13, 2009 by ainamakeup

I just learned about Nubar a few months ago and this color was on of my first purchases.  I’m still struggling with the picture thing, and I suppose I need to learn how to add a watermark for copyright reasons, but my pictures are so bad I seriously doubt someone will want to use them for themselves!

Nubar Toga Purple

Here it is looking more true to its original color.

Nubar Toga Purple2

This makes it look too blue, it’s really more wine in tone and there is also some shimmer that’s not getting picked up here.

I really like the Nubar polishes.  I love the fact that they are Carcinogen, cruelty free and vegan.  I’m not a vegan by any stretch of the imagination but it’s nice to know!