A brief history of my love of polish

Good day polish lovers!

As you can imagine, my love of polish started when I was a young girl.  I still remember the first polish I really loved. It was a light pink, girly shimmer color called “Chantilly” by Cover Girl.  I even remember adding a swatch of it in a scrap book I made at that time.

I’m not so much of a pink person anymore.  I’ve been through many color phases over the years, but every now and again a color gets my attention and gets me all excited about polish again.  Kinda like crushing on the new boy in your class when you were in grade school.

When Chanel Vamp came out I just about died and went to heaven.  It was a revolution. Finally, a really dark polish that wasn’t black! Something I hadn’t seen before.  I was a broke college student at the time, so I never bought the original Vamp, but I got a few copycats.  I still remember all the hype over that color.

Another polish moment that changed my world was discovering “Jazz” by Essie.  It didn’t look like anything else I’d seen.  Every time I chose it to wear at my local nail salon, the person in the chair next to me would peek over at my nails and say, “Nice color!”  Every time!  Sorry the pic sucks so much.  I’m trying to figure out my camera. This one was taken via my blackberry.

Essie Jazz

My Beloved Jazz

I still love grays and fall even more in love with them as they get darker.  Right now my great loves are grays, deep browns, taupes, and I’m totally on the green bandwagon.

I do have a few regrets.  I was out of the nail polish loop for a while and missed out on some really great polishes.  I’m still sulking at not having Essie Starry starry nights, Nars Zulu and Clarins 230.  I even frankened my own version of Starry Starry Nights that I’ll swatch soon and show you so you can tell me if I got it right or not!

I had planned on swatching a few polishes that I love but my I don’t know how to get the color right on my camera yet.  The manual is right next to me.  Instead, I’m showing you a photo of my stash.  I just bought some new storage containers from Ikea and I love them!  Here they are!!!


150 Strong...and growing

My Stash

Until next time, y’all!


One Response to “A brief history of my love of polish”

  1. Glad to see you getting the word about about your one true love. Also, I’m surprised those three cases were big enough for all your polish. I was absolutely astounded when i saw what you had in there!

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