Welcome to Lacquerholic!

My name is Aina, and I’m a Lacquerholic.

Welcome to my first post!  I’ve recently reignited my obsession for nail polish and after spending countless hours reading some of my favorite nail bloggers I became inspired to create my own blog dedicated to all things polish.

A little bit about me: I’m a professional freelance makeup artist, so yes, I’m also an overall product junkie. I’ve learned to curtail my makeup obsession due to this crappy economy we’re living in.  If there’s something I really want, however I find a way to get it.

What makes this blog different? Well for one thing, I’m African American.  There are certain polishes that work really well on darker complexions and some that don’t.  I’m ready and willing to lend my hand to swatch whatever I can reasonably get my hands on and let you, the reader decide if you think it’ll work on your skin tone.  I’m open to lots of different polish choices but you probably won’t see many…or any Konads or nail art here.  I’ve never been much of a fan and I don’t see myself starting now.  I just love the look of a glossy, perfectly polished creme or jelly.  Another thing you may not see much of are glitters.  I don’t have many in my collection, but thanks to bloggers like the great Scrangie the glitter thing is starting to grow on me – especially with the holidays coming up!

Next up – a look at some of my favorite colors and a few swatches from my stash.  Until next time!  P.S. My NOTD is Orly Enchanted Forrest


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