More random musings on polish

I live in New York City, where I have access to lots and lots of great nail polish.  But I’m a freelancer, I live on a budget like most people and I can’t always spend my hard-earned dollars on a $10 – $15 polish.  I’ve never even been to Rescue Beauty Lounge let alone own an RBL.  As far as high-end polish is concerned, I don’t own any Chanel, RBL, and I have one Lippman that I think I got on a gift certificate or something. Oh how I still dream about “Hit me with your best shot” but I just can’t get up off the money!  I have one Nars polish I got in a swap on Makeup Alley.  I get most of my OPIs, Essies and Orlys at one of my creep beauty supply stores where I can get the new collections for under $9.  Most of the polishes in my stash are Revlon, Sally Hansen, L’Oreal.  I just recently became familiar with Zoya and Nubar and try to control my purchases even though I love so many of the colors!

The other day I went to Inglot’s new store on 48th and Broadway and fell in love with everything.  The way the polishes were displayed just made me want to buy one of each.  But at $10 a pop, I’d want it to be a polish that I knew was really something special I couldn’t fudge with a similar color from my stash.  My sensible side won again when I went to Sephora and checked out Illamasqua’s pretty polishes.  I wanted that Green shade Rampage so much, but I splurged on OCC cosmetics, blackboard and Nubar’s Forrest earlier this year and I just can’t justify owning yet another very similar green creme right now.

That said I am eagerly awaiting a China Glaze haul from amazon that should be coming in a few days including the coveted Recycle.  Yes, I have a few grays in my collection, but gray is a color I’ll never tire of.  I’m new to the green bandwagon and I may not always love it.  But gray and I… we have a real thing going on!


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