You might be a Lacquerholic if…

1) You can spot a color on a someone’s nails by sight alone.  Bonus points if you’ve said anything like “You’re wearing ‘Wicked’ right?” to someone.

2) You’ve struck up nail polish conversations with strangers who you could tell were “one of us” because on one else in your life gets it.

3) You change the color of your polish almost as often as you change your undies

4) You own more than 50 bottles of nail polish

5) You can easily spend an entire day going from store to store (or from website to website) in search of new nail polishes

6) You feel naked or incomplete when you’re not wearing any polish.

7) Your friends don’t bother to get their nails done anymore because they can just come to your place and do their nails

8 ) When you can’t find the color you want, you just make it yourself

9) You’ve crossed state lines to go to the one store that had the new OPI fall collection because you couldn’t find it near you (Come on!  I can’t be the only one!) and you want to (or have) traveled to different countries to see the sights but really to get nail polish you can’t get in your country!

10) You spend more on nail polish and nail paraphernalia than you do on booze!


One Response to “You might be a Lacquerholic if…”

  1. This list is soooo funny…& sooooo true! Yes, I’m definitely a Lacquerholic!!!

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