Makeup Monday: Hollywood Glamour at Rouge Makeup Studio

Happy Makeup Monday, y’all!

Ok so it’s technically not Monday anymore, but I’ve decided to make every Monday a Makeup Monday so I can write about my other great passion.  The passion that is my full-time job!  I’m a freelance makeup artist and I absolutely LOVE learning about new products, tips and techniques!  Last week I was privileged to attend a workshop on Hollywood Glamour at Rouge Makeup Studio.  Rouge Makeup Studio was created by celebrity makeup artists Anne DeMarco and Charles Douglass.  Rouge Makeup Studio is a full service studio that can do weddings, events, photo shoots, and if you’re an artist, you can even use their space to work with your clients.  Rouge has its own line of fabulous cosmetics and they also are a reseller of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics airbrush makeup.

I had the strong urge to freshen up my lipstick just by walking into The Moulin Rouge inspired decor of the studio.  Charles conducted the demonstration of a look inspired by Lady Gaga on the Cover of Elle…which was inspired by an old classic photo of Marilyn Monroe.  I wish I had thought to take some before shots.  There was a photographer there and if Rouge adds the pictures to their website I’ll be sure to post a link to them here so you can see the full effect of the transformation.  I learned a few key points that I’ll share here:

The debate over whether you conceal before or after applying foundation is as epic a battle as the debate over “tastes great” and”less filling” (I just totally dated myself here but I hope you got the reference).  Anyway, I take a mental count every time I observe a demo by a top makeup artist to see how they do things.  For example Sam Fine says “spackle before you paint” which makes total sense.  My teacher in makeup school says, how can you know what needs more coverage until you do the foundation.  I go either way depending on my client.

Another technique that separates most top artists is when to do the eyes.  Some do it before touching the rest of the face, to avoid having to redo the under eye area due to shadow fall out.  Others feel the need to see the canvas perfected with foundation in order to begin working on the eyes.  Again, I can go either way.  The artist I assist ‘s method is to do the eyes first.  I can do it. but I always think I’m doing a terrible job until I apply the foundation and concealer.  That’s when the whole face begins to come together for me.  I digress yet again…

Charles does the foundation and concealer first then uses the popular “loose powder under the eyes” trick as a catch-all for the shadow.  Then sweeps it away with a stroke of a brush.  For some reason the loose powder trick doesn’t work for me because I’m just too damn messy!

Charles also spent a good deal of time contouring.  He did an amazing job using a dark foundation under the chin,  under the cheek bone, down the sides of the nose, around the forehead.  He did minor highlighting down the center of the nose and on top of the cheekbones.

The eye work looked simple, but it really wasn’t.  First, Charles applied a dusting with a light shadow and a little contouring of the crease.  The eyeliner and the lashes is what made the eyes really stand out.  A fabulous trick I learned was using a blonde color eyebrow pencil to add shape to the brows without darkening the brow.  Brilliant!  That little tip was worth the entire two hours!

I didn’t think it could get any better than the blonde eyebrow pencil trick, but it did!   Charles also drew a fabulous red lip and a gret trick he told us was to do the entire liner in a flesh tone to nail down the shape.  Then go over it in the strong color to avoid mistakes!  Super brilliant!  I had a “coulda  had a V8” moment there!  Why hadn’t I ever thought to do that, especially since I can’t draw a straight line to save my life!

Here’s two after shots.  One with eyes open and one with eyes closed.  The model was already gorgeous to begin with but she looks like a total knockout in these photos. One was taken without flash, the oher with flash.  Happy Makeup Monday!!!


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