Makeup Monday: Lacquerholic’s Favorite!

Like many makeup artists I get asked all the time what products I would recommend.  Now I am an admitted Product Junkie and I love buying and trying all types of cosmetics.  So be on the lookout for Lacquerholic’s favorites on Makeup Mondays!

I’ll kick things off with my favorite concealer!  I’ve tried many concealers in my day but the one I find myself using on job after job is Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer and Treatment.

Most concealers on the market are yellow-based and they tend to give the skin that highlighted look.  Perhaps a little too highlighted.  The salmon color of the concealer takes away any darkness under the eyes more effectively than most other concealers.  Another plus is the concealer contains what Eve calls “Cosmenutrients”.  It’s an ingredient called  Astaxanthin, which is derived from the algae that salmon eat.  The anti-oxidants are 500 times stronger than vitamin E.   You’re doing your face a favor every time you wear it!

The concealer retails for $35, which in my opinion is 100% worth it.  I still have plenty left in mine from last winter and I use it just about every day!  You can pick up Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer and Treatment at  Happy Shopping!


One Response to “Makeup Monday: Lacquerholic’s Favorite!”

  1. Hey Lac:

    Well you know I’m also a big fan of this concealer. I tell people about it too. Looking forward to next Monday’s entry! 🙂

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