Why Zoya is Awesome

A few weeks ago I ordered from Zoya during their “Green Friday” Promotion.  I was supposed to get 6 of Zoya’s best greens but when I got my order, two of the free green polishes I was supposed to receive were missing.  I had planned to call them to find out what happened to my two missing polishes, “Irene” and “Envy” but I just never got around to it. I already had a bottle of “Envy” so I included it in my Zoya Green Friday post a few weeks ago.  Imagine my surprise and delight when a few weeks later, I got another shipment from Zoya with the two missing polishes!  Now my set is complete!  Here she is, folks!  Irene!!!

Zoya "Irene"

Irene is a medium/light green shimmer that has a very slight iridescence that isn’t captured in this pic.  It reminds me of a dirty martini.  I really like it.  I’d probably wear it on my toes more than anything else, but it just might go on my nails come spring!


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