Throwback Thursday NOTD: OPI Titan Your Toga

I discovered this color several years ago.  It was originally part of the Greek Isles Collection.  I don’t think I was even aware OPI had started making themed collections back then.  All I knew was I fell in love with this shimmery moon white shade.  I rocked this shade constantly back in the mid to late 90’s. I’m so afraid I’ll never find ever find it again that I save it and only wear it  now and then.  I’d love to see OPI bring this baby back!  Everyone’s into greens, grays and blacks and blues, but I think this polish looks just as chic and sophisticated as anything that’s hot now.

OPI "Titan Your Toga"


4 Responses to “Throwback Thursday NOTD: OPI Titan Your Toga”

  1. I agree – bring back some of the old awesome shades OPI! I’m wearing a 15 year old OPI today – MD Crabcake, and I wish I could get my hands on some of the other shades from that collection. Titan Your Toga looks gorgeous on you – I can understand why you’re conservative about wearing it/using it up! Love the name too 🙂

  2. Have no fear.It is avaiable at Nail polish

  3. I send you an apology .You did not remove my comment. Im truly sorry,but I still think you need to put some moisture to those cuticles and your ashy hands.

    • Hi,

      I haven’t been keeping up with my comments lately, and am just now seeing your comments. No I never did delete your comment. You’ll notice my newer pics are better in terms of the moisture in my hands. Just hard to keep up with it when you are swatching multiple shades in a day and using remover over and over. Thank you for your apology. Thanks for the heads on on where to get that polish. It really is one of my faves.

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