NOTD: OPI My Private Jet

I bought this color a few months ago after hearing the incomparable Scrangie raving about it in an old post somewhere on her blog.  I left it in my stash unused until today and OMG.  I’m so in love with this color.  I can’t even describe what this is supposed to be. Sometimes it’s violety, other times it’s brown.  the multi colored micro glitter is a thing of beauty.  I kind of can’t stop looking at it.  I don’t even want to take a picture of it because I know I can’t do it justice.  I haven’t even seen it in daylight yet (it’s 10 PM here and my apartment does not get good light at all) and I can’t wait!

Here’s a pic with flash that shows off the multicolored micro glitter:

OPI My Private Jet w/ flash

Here’s one more…swoon!

OPI My Private Jet


5 Responses to “NOTD: OPI My Private Jet”

  1. SAME!
    I bought this colour on Tuesday and I wasn’t too sure about it, but then I put it on, and oh. my. goodness. Love it so so much! It has so many sparkly coloured bits in it, it’s so hard to describe haha but it’s totally amazing! To me, it’s the perfect dark-neutral-but-not-black nail polish.
    I filmed a video yesterday for my youtube channel, and I couldn’t explain the colour at all and anyone who sees it is going to think I’m crazy haha
    Hope you have a fabulous day!
    (and sorry for the novel of a comment haha)

  2. I am so in love with this color, but just know it will not look good on me so I have been hesitant to buy it. I might have to give it a shot anyway because every time I see it my heart grows fonder of the color.

  3. This is such a beautiful OPI shade! It looks great on you and I love the subtler sparkle.

  4. So I got this shade last week and I love love love it.
    Do you have a good base coat suggestion? Mine just kinda peels of…

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