I was lamenting the other day that I don’t own any CND Colour Effects polishes.  It’s on my list of things to buy, but I’m on a budget so I must be practical.  I can’t get everything I want.  Especially after my haul at Rescue Beauty Lounge… oh and a few of the polishes from the BB Couture Vampy Varnish collection, but I digress..

I come home tonight, looked inside my mailbox and much to my surprise and delight I see a box from CND!  Could it be?  Have I so quickly graduated from unknown polish blogger to polish blogger who gets product samples from polish companies? Then I turned the box over to see who it was addressed to.  It wasn’t me.  The address was my exact address, but the name on the box wasn’t mine.  After surveying the mail boxes I noticed someone with the same first name, but a different last name.  I assume the package is for her.  I guess I have to give the box to its rightful owner.

What a letdown.  One day I will get my CND!


4 Responses to “Yay…Awwww”

  1. WOW what are the chances!! that really is a sad story 😦 oh well, there will come a time for you my dear!

  2. Might be yours. Samples went out and the names were wrong but addresses correct. I called CND and asked.

  3. I think the sample is probably yours. Did you take a CND survey? If so, chances are the package is yours and the made a boo boo. They made a lot of errors when sending out a “thank you” for people who partook in their survey last Sept/Oct.

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