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Throwback Thursday: Old School Mattes

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Anyone who has had a longstanding love affair with nail lacquer knows that the matte and satin finish trend is not a new concept. I decided to go digging through my Lacquerholic archives and find my old mattes. I have to admit I haven’t worn some of these in years; reason being I don’t have much time in my day to day life to wait for nail polish to dry. Mattes dry somewhat faster than regular nail polish, but you can’t use a fast drying top coats. My usual nail routine when I want to change polish colors is to add a coat of Seche Vite or Poshe fast drying top coat, wait 20 minutes then go to sleep. I love the fact that I can wake up the next morning with no sheet marks on my polish!

What I love the most about these mattes is that most of them are drugstore brands like Maybelline.

Sally Hansen "Bronzed Matte"

To this day I’ve yet to see any color quite like this and I love it. This is the color of bronze statues. I absolutely love it and will keep it for as long as I can. Notice the very subtle flash of brassy shimmer?  Someone needs to re-create like this so i don’t have to worry about running out!

Maybelline "Matte Galaxy"

I love this pearly, off white matte. Most of the new mattes that are out are dark, so this is a refreshing change of pace.  The application was a little chunky, as this polish is pretty old.  I’m not sure how to fix these because they are matte and not glossy.  Will adding thinner ruin the finish?  I didn’t want to find out…

Maybelline Matte Bronze

This is a very different bronze than the Sally Hansen. This Bronze has a brassy tone to it. It’s not as unique as the Sally Hansen, but I still like it!

Maybelline Matte Grape

Love this! The name says it all. It’s dark, it’s purple, it’s matte, it’s not too chalky.

Maybelline Matte Stone

YES! I love this light gray/brown. Yes the polish is old and it a bit think so it applied streaky but how cool is this matte? This color has to be over 10 years old and I think it was ahead of its time.

If you’re lucky, you can find some of the old Maybelline Express finish nail polishes at your local dollar stores. I’ve seen them at “Lots for Less” on Chambers Street and at “Cosmetic Show” on east 55th Street in New York City. Happy Searching!


My OPI Hong Kong Collection Haul

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After seeing all the reviews, I decided I just couldn’t live without a few choice polishes from OPI’s Hong Kong Collection for Spring 2010.

Meet Me on the Star Ferry

This is a medium pink shimmer that I didn’t expect to love, but I do.  I know for certain I don’t have anything like it. I think it compliments my skin tone well.

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

I wore this one day and received three compliments in about 5 minutes. I loved this blue before that, but the rapid succession of compliments solidified it.

OPI Jade is the New Black

I just love this. I’ve begun a love affair with greens and this one is definitely one of my faves! This dusty, yet bright green makes me so happy!

OPI Bling Dynasty

When I initially checked out this collection in person, I passed on this medium gold shade, but I changed my mind a few days later and decided I needed a pretty gold. I really like that the application on this is not streaky like many shimmers can be.

The formula on all of these polishes were fantastic! Smooth application and they were all opaque in two coats. I used three for these swatches however because that’s just the kinda girl I am!

Polish Bloggers Network Link Love!

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The first article up I’d like to bring your attention to is nothing nail related, but is definitely worth a read, especially by all the bloggers! Helen’s Nice Thing’s wrote a wonderful article addressing the question, should bloggers be considered as media or press and I think she expressed her views quite remarkably.

Naive Nails wants to show off a mani she’s titled “Love Be Hanged”. A very cute and quirky design.

French Mani anyone?! Well, Babbling Brooke has you covered! Check out her Nailene French Mani Blog Giveaway. She’s gifting three of readers with these fabulous sets… so you better make sure that you’re one of them!

Bye, Bye old man winter, let’s bring on the sun and the pool… as The Swatchaholic brings us wonderful swatches of China Glaze’s Poolside Collection.

Have you been able to view swatches of almost the whole OPI Hong Kong collection? If not, the Nail-Design bring you 9 out of 12 of them.

Maigic Maid has snagged a duochrome drugstore brand polish and nope, I’m not telling you what it is! 😉

This week Tuli’s Nails has a broken heart and she letting her mani tell the story as to why. Check it out!

polishSWATCHES gives you a sneek peek at Tracy Reese’s Fall 2010 Sally Hansen Shades as well as a glimpse of the nail trends that were sported at her show.

You will NOT want to miss out on what Polishing the Nails is cooking up on her blog! Even I’m in the kitchen for this one!

It’s safe to safe everyone loves a good konadicure right?! And even more so when your showing off a gorgeous polish! Cucumpear is donning some very pretty artwork on her tips as well as showing off the gorgeous color p2 Rich.

Looking for a interesting blue nail polish to add to your stash that you might not already have? Then Polish Freak and China Glaze have you covered, but shhh, she said the color is a secret!

Nail foiling and minx like applications are all the rage, but why not try using a nail polish for the same effect? Manicure Mommas swatches Orly Foil FX’s and shows how you can turn your nails into precious metal.

Have you ever heard of Piggy Paints Nail Polish or even considered buying it but haven’t? Well if so, Laquerholic has just given you the incentive to go ahead and plunge. She’s secured a 10% off privelage coupon for all of her readers as well as written a full review

Nail-Design is having a special giveaway to celebrate the fact that she has received over 300, 000 Youtube views on her channel. Wow! Congrats on the great accomplishment!

Lambchop is having a really nice giveaway for readers, but she really needs for you to help her out… by ENTERING!

Today’s you last chance to win some Milani Holos, so be sure to enter Naive Nails contest if you’re one of the many who can’t seem to find them and are lemming.

Piggy Paint Swatches, Review and Big News!!!

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Hey there fellow addicts!!!  Scroll to the end of this post for my BIG NEWS!

I’ve been sick for the past few days with a fever and some chest congestion.  Thank goodness the worst of it is over, so now I’m back with a review of a polish I first discovered at Ricky’s NYC.  Ricky’s is a great shop for edgy makeup, lashes, wigs and the like.  Ricky’s is most known for their outrageous Halloween costumes (read: super sexy).  Ricky’s is not the first place I would think of when trying to find products that are safe for children to use,  so it was surprising to me that right next to the latest OPI collection was an inconspicuous display for a brand called  Piggy Paint.  What makes Piggy Paint so special?  Well for one thing it’s target audience are children (and the parents who love them).  This collection of 13 shades are vibrant hues of green, blue, pink, red, purple orange, silver and even black.  These colors may have been created for kids, but I think the fun colors appeal to us grown-ups too!  What really sets Piggy Paint apart is that it’s non toxic.  I’m not just talking just Big Three Free.  I mean actually non-toxic.  We’ve all accustomed to big three free, but Piggy Paint takes it one step further, claiming that it’s “Natural as mud”.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  I just had to investigate further.

The first thing I did when I opened my bottle of Piggy Paint polish was smell it.  It really did not smell like your average nail polish.  I didn’t really smell anything, and what I did smell didn’t sting my eyes or nose at all.  My cat Sweetie winces every time I get near her with a wet nails or polish remover.  But she didn’t squint with displeasure once while exposed to Piggy Paint.  That’s pretty cool!

The Piggy Paint came with a card with instructions on how to apply the polish as well as a bottle of non-toxic remover.  The instructions don’t mention using a base or top coat and Piggy Paint doesn’t offer one, so I used the polish on my bare nails.  I’m sure that’s due to the fact that most kids don’t have the patience to sit through applying a base and top coat.  The instructions read to wash hands with soap and water, apply 2-3 thin coats of the polish.  I let mine air dry, but for maximum chip resistance, they recommend to use a blow dryer for 1-2 minutes.  Believe it or not, I don’t own a blow dryer!

The polish dried very quickly.  It dries to a finish that’s not matte but not glossy.  There’s a little flash of something I can’t really describe that helps give it a faux glossy look when the light reflects it.  The color I have is called “Girls Rule”, described as a bright, shimmery purple but it looks more pink to me than purple.  It’s not a color that would normally gravitate towards.  While I think us big girls would love many of these colors, this one screams 3rd grade girls slumber party to me.

I gave the polish a test drive for durability.  I polished my nails on a Saturday, and kept it on for 5 days.

Girls Rule, Day 1

"Girls Rule" Day Five

As you can see there is some major chipping happening on two of my nails.  The first big chip happened on Tuesday.  Bear in mind  I didn’t do the blow drying technique as described in the instructions.  I’d love to see if there is a major difference in how long the finish lasts.  I’m planning on wearing this with a traditional base and top coat as well to see if it disagrees with the formula of the polish.  I’d also like to seen if there’s a difference in durability between the shimmers and the cremes.  I’ll be adding that info to part 2 of my Piggy Paint Review coming soon!

You’d think given the good sized chips in my polish that removal would be easy, but it wasn’t.  The instructions on the polish remover were to soak the nail in the remover with a cotton ball.  It was about as difficult as removing glitter nail polish.  Actually, I still notice minuscule traces of Piggy Paint on the sides of my nails, and it’s been about a week since I removed it!  I did attempt to use regular nail polish remover and the results were similar.   Overall, I think this is a great alternative to traditional nail polish, with colors that appeal to people of all ages!

And now for my big news!!! The good people of Piggy Paint Has decided to share with all the Lacquerholics out there with a coupon code for 10% off anything including Sale Items!!! the code is “LACQUER10L” and you can start using it NOW through April 30, 2010!  Get to shoppin’ at Piggy Paint’s Website Enjoy, y’all!!!

Disclaimer: The products in this review were provided by the manufacturer.  For more information please see my disclosure policy.

Fashion Week: Nails at “The Vessel by Lois”

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I was oh so fortunate to be invited by the fabulous Felicia from This That Beauty to the runway show for “The Vessel by Lois“.  Felicia was the key makeup artist for the show.  She and her team did a fabulous job! The models looked fabulous but first things first:

Tee hee! That's my seat!

At the risk of sounding like a complete green newbie dork I can’t help but be a little giddy at seeing my name on one of those chairs at a fashion show for the first time.  Okay fine, so they spelled Lacquerholic wrong but whatever!

The Vessel by Lois is a fashion line that is inspired by menswear and the work uniform.  Lois Samuels, the designer is also a model and author.  This is her third showing for Fashion week.  Just looking at the clothes I felt that The Vessel by Lois is so the way I would dress if I had the money…and the body.  This isn’t a line for the girly girl.  I love clothing that is understated, menswear inspired subtle, and chic, but that is still feminine.  Everything looked so tailored and polished.  I don’t wear many patterns or flowy dresses or even skirts, so this line really spoke to me. Okay that is pretty much the extent of my fashion expertise.  You’d think growing up in NYC I’d be more fashion conscious! Ms. Samuels, the designer is also a model, if you can’t already tell by how beautiful she is.  I thought she was one of the models in the show!

The Designer, Lois Samuels (middle) with two models from the show

The Nails!

This was the nail look, brought to you by M2M DamoreJon.  I got a moment to speak to the creator of M2M and Key manicurist Myrdith McCormack and her team, VP Dawn Sterling and Christy Marshall.  Ms. McCormack created this celebrity inspired line that is Big Three Free and is truly socially conscious.  A portion of the proceeds from every bottle goes to help her homeland of Haiti!  And this was before the earthquake!  Now that’s what I call awesome.  The base color used for this look was “Let’s Talk” a taffy-like nude creme that looks more orange here than it does in real life.  The tip of each nail was painted with a deep purple called “First Lady”, inspired by none other than Mrs. Obama herself, from their soon to be released Legends collection.  Looking at their website the line looks awesome and I am loving the colors!  M2M DamoreJon is sold in select boutiques and retails for $11.  Check out their website for more info!

Oh and one more thing:

Pretty tree in my 'hood

Makeup Monday: OCC Lip Tar Swatches

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I talked about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics on a previous Makeup Monday. And finally as promised here are swatches of two of my favorite lip tars.  Vintage and Fondue.

Vintage (left) and Fondue

Don’t let the tube color fool you. It looks completely different out of the tube as you’ll soon see…

Fondue (left) and Vintage

Fondue is a deep chocolate brown.  I absolutely love a brown lip color and this is so me!  Vintage is old Hollywood Glamor in a tube.  A deep red that makes me feel red carpet ready…even though I’ve never been on a red carpet in my life!  The swatch appears shiny but when you put you apply a thin coat, it gives off a matte finish.  These are so rich in pigment and so opaque it’s actually hard to get off.

After removing with a baby wipe

Can you believe you can still see the traces of it?  At least you know you’re getting your money’s worth.  $12.50 is the price and you can get these and many many very cool and edgy colors at   Enjoy!!!

Inglot Swatches

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As promised here are the swatches of the two Inglot nail polishes I bought!  I’m absolutely in love with this line of polishes.  I just with I’d bought more!

Inglot 138

Please forgive the very obvious smudge on my pinky.  I really like this antique gold/green shimmer.  This is three coats.

Inglot 852

This is a deep vampy purple shimmer with tiny pieces of glitter.  I have colors similar to this but I love them so much I had to get it!  It was opaque in two coats but it was really perfect in three coats.  This is one of those deep colors I absolutely love.  I’m not sure why

The formula on one of these was thin but easy to work with.  Seems like they dry pretty fast.  Next time I think I’m gonna pick up some cremes. I can’t wait to go back and explore the makeup too.