Inglot is the new Black

Today I paid a long overdue, and way too short visit to Inglot in Times Square.  I am absolutely loving what I’ve seen.  It took quite a bit of restraint to not binge and buy up everything.  It all looks so beautiful!

I can’t even get into how cool the makeup looks.  I’m saving that  for a Makeup Monday.  There’s just too much to tell.  As far as nail colors go, The display is just too beautiful.  They have every color in the rainbow and then some.  And just when you think you’ve noticed them all, another polish, more beautiful than the last catches your eye.    They wouldn’t let me take a picture of their display, but here’s a quick photo of one of their polish formulas.  It’s a breathable formula using a special polymer that helps nails breathe and keeps them healthier!  How cool is that!

I also took a shot of the two colors I purchased.  #138 and 852.  And I’m telling you, this is just a taste of what’s there.

138 (left) and 852

I will post swatches ASAP.  In the meantime…138 is a beautiful antique gold shimmer with tiny flecks of gold glitter.  852 is a gorgeous vampy purple shimmer that has tiny flecks of reddish purple glitter.

Wanna see more?  Check out the fabulous Koren’s YouTube Video on Inglot.  Enjoy!!!


2 Responses to “Inglot is the new Black”

  1. Inglot is a beauty junkies PLAYGROUND! They have all of these wonderful colors that just suck you in to buying up everything, lol.

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