My OPI Hong Kong Collection Haul

After seeing all the reviews, I decided I just couldn’t live without a few choice polishes from OPI’s Hong Kong Collection for Spring 2010.

Meet Me on the Star Ferry

This is a medium pink shimmer that I didn’t expect to love, but I do.  I know for certain I don’t have anything like it. I think it compliments my skin tone well.

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

I wore this one day and received three compliments in about 5 minutes. I loved this blue before that, but the rapid succession of compliments solidified it.

OPI Jade is the New Black

I just love this. I’ve begun a love affair with greens and this one is definitely one of my faves! This dusty, yet bright green makes me so happy!

OPI Bling Dynasty

When I initially checked out this collection in person, I passed on this medium gold shade, but I changed my mind a few days later and decided I needed a pretty gold. I really like that the application on this is not streaky like many shimmers can be.

The formula on all of these polishes were fantastic! Smooth application and they were all opaque in two coats. I used three for these swatches however because that’s just the kinda girl I am!


6 Responses to “My OPI Hong Kong Collection Haul”

  1. I just snagged the last 4 bottles of Jade and 2 bottles of Feng from CosmoProf….they have been almost impossible to find, sold out almost EVERYWHERE.

    I am totally looking forward to Jade-ing my nails and putting a gel coat over the top to sashay around at School for a few days to make everyone jealous…good times.


  2. Love Suzi on you! The color is gorgeous against your tone.

  3. These all look fantastic on you! I’m still undecided about Meet me on the Star Ferry but I am crazy in love with Jade is the New Black.

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