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Makeup Monday: ELF Cosmetics

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Hi Everyone!!!

Today I bring you a review of three products from e.l.f Cosmetics.  e.l.f. stands for eyes lips face and they offer a complete line of makeup and nail care at incredibly affordable prices.  While I love high end cosmetics and nail polish, I don’t over look the affordable brands.  And as a makeup artist, I don’t discriminate using both high and low end products in my professional makeup kit.  If it works, it works and that’s what I use.

Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara – $3.00

I haven’t worn waterproof mascara in years.  I was scarred by memories of products with the consistency and odor of roofing tar, not to mention how difficult it is to remove.  It’s nice to know that waterproof formulas have gotten much better over the years. I just happened to try this mascara on a rather emotional day so it was really put to the test.  It did a decent job of giving definition and a little volume and length, but it wasn’t as dramatic as other mascaras I’ve tried.  As far as waterproofing, I have to say, if you dab the tears lightly with a tissue, its works pretty well.   Any serious eye rubbing or will cause the mascara to flake off.  Luckily it does not smudge or smear, so it won’t ruin the rest of your makeup.  Another good thing is that it removes easily with face wash and water.  Here’s a picture of my eyes one with the mascara applied and one without any makeup.  Please ignore my puffy morning eyes!

Nail Polish – $1.00

ELF Medium Red

The shade pictured here is called Medium Red.  That pretty much sums up the color description.  I like wearing tomato red shades, especially on my toes. This is your basic classic red.  It’s not unique, but if you need a pretty red creme and don’t want to spend tons of money, this is an excellent choice.  The picture above is a quickie swatch but I wore this color for 5 days and it wore very well.   It did not peel, and had minimal chipping around the edges.  I would definitely check out some of the other colors in the line.  There’s a nice purple and a blue in the collection!

Brightening eye Color in Hazy Hazel – $1.00

ELF Brightening eye color "Hazy Hazel"

I didn’t love this particular eyeshadow.  The colors weren’t very intense on my eyes.  I swatched these on my arm using my finger.  When I tried these on my eyes using brushes it took alot of layering for the color to show up.  I think this shadow would work better on caucasian skin tones. e.l.f. does have a wide range of these shadows and at one dollar a pop, you can try them all!

e.l.f cosmetics are available online at and can also be found at target.

Disclaimer: a product sample was provided by the company.


Nars Purple Rain

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Nars Purple Rain

Need I say more?

My Essie Haul at IBS

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Hi there Addicts!!!

I’m back after what seems like a marathon of non stop work.  I finally had some time to do some swatching so I can finally post some polishes I picked up at the International Beauty Show earlier this month.  If you’re in the beauty industry, this is the show for you.  All of the biggest brands of hair, makeup and nails are represented.  I was there on official business doing my job representing a cosmetics company, but I got a spare minute or two to hit up Essie and OPI as they had some great deals!  Essie offered 6 polishes for $20!  Here’s what I picked up!

Essie "Aruba Blue"

Very pretty ocean blue shimmer.  This is one of three blues I got at Essie.  This one caught my eye because I don’t have any blue like it.

Essie "Golden Nuggets"

I picked up this one because I didn’t have a gold glitter I could use on its own or to franken with.

Essie "Sexy Divide"

I bought a lot of purples during my polish buying free-for-all as well.  This one has a bright purple flash embedded in its shimmer that really makes it special.  I love it!

Essie "Midnight Cami"

Another blue.  This ones a dark vampy blue shimmer.  I passed over this color last winter but since I was in buying mode, I decided to pick it up.

Essie "After Sex"

Ok, so I mostly picked up this color because of the name.  I actually think this color is good for before sex.  It reminds me of a glossy candy apple.  It’s definitely a flirty shade – a pink based red with subtle shimmer.

Essie "Mesmerize"

I had already picked out my 6 polishes when I saw this dusty yet bright blue and decided it had to be mine as well.  What a pretty creme.  I’m looking  forward to the beautiful blue skies of spring and wearing this pretty blue polish!

Essie "It's Genius"

Well, I don’t know about genius, but this pinky purple with subtle gold shimmer sure is pretty!  I’m glad I added this one to my collection.

Stay tuned for swatches from my OPI haul coming soon!

Zoya Haul

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I don’t even pretend I’m on a “no buy” at this point.  I buy whenever the mood strikes me.  I recently went a little nuts and purchased some pretty Zoya nail polishes.  I indulged my craving for dark polishes on this one.  Take a look!

Zoya "Pinta"

This is a blurple vampy creme that I really love.  This is reminiscent of OPI “Sapphire in the snow” but I think “Pinta” is darker.  In this pic, it’s an almost black shade.

Zoyz "Ki"

I’m loving this holo.  This color is so different in so many lights.  It flashes green, pink, purple.  Even as you turn the bottle around the colors change.   The base color is a sort of gray-ish purple that is hard to describe, but I love it!

Zoya “Angelina”
Dark , chocolate goodness.  That’s what I think off when I seen this color.  Chocolate brown shades are my absolute favorites and this one is right up my alley.  Love it so much!

Zoya "Nina"

This brown has more red in it than “Angelina” but it’s still dark and deep.  I love the warmth of this creme.  Almost a chocolate cherry shade.

Zoya is one of my favorite lines.  I just wish they were available in places other than online.  I found them once at The Polish Bar of Brooklyn, but the colors weren’t for sale.  Bummer!  The good thing is I have not been disappointed by any of my Zoya colors yet so I’m still a happy camper!

My Free Manicure, and Free Essie Polish!

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I was walking with two of my friends around Union Square today and we each received cards for a free manicure at one of the area salons.  It was a promotion for Kirstie Alleys new reality show, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, which starts this week on A&E.  The only caveat was that you had there was no polish choice.  Everyone had their nails painted with the signature shade of Kirstie Alley’s big lie by Essie called “Life, Lick it”  It didn’t matter to me because the color was pretty fabulous.  I haven’t had a professional manicure since last September for my best friend’s Wedding.  I had some time to kill so I jumped at the chance to get a free manicure.

I took this opportunity to pay close attention to what the manicurist was doing, so my at home manicures will look a little less DIY.  I paid particular attention to how she painted my nails.  the first placement of the color was on the lower third of the nail, not too close to the cuticle so the color never drifted where it shouldn’t go.  She painstakingly moved the brush over my nails.  She did not do what the magazines used to tell you to do, one stroke down the middle, and one on each side.  She used CND base coat, and Out the Door top coat, which is not my favorite fast dry top coat but  it certainly served its purpose.  The best part was, Each person got to keep the bottle of polish!

Essie "Life. Lick it"

This is a Red based purple shimmer.  I’d probably choose this color even if I was getting a paid manicure!  It’s dark but not too dark.  I want to try and get a picture in the sunlight but since I’ve barely seen the sun in three days outside my window, that won’t be possible.

Quick Update!

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Hi all!  I haven’t posted in a while due to me working 9 days straight and preparing for the IBS show in NYC.  I worked at the show, so I barely had time to check out all the nail goodies, but I did manage to stop by a few places which I will tell you about this week!  Also coming up is a review of ELF. and swatches from my latest Zoya Haul!  See you soon!

Preview: Zoya Flash/Sparkle Collection for Summer 2010

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I  haven’t seen pictures of any of the colors yet but they all sound pretty darn cool!  The flash collection is a collection of Cremes.  The Sparkle is…you guessed it!  Shimmery Metalics!

Zoya Flash Collection

Robyn (ZP513) – perfect turquoise cream – Sounds nice!

Perrie (ZP514) – soft lavender cream – Definitely looking forward to this one.

Dana (ZP515) – american rose cream

Jolene (ZP516) – summer pink cream

Maura (ZP517) – electric crimson cream

Jancyn (ZP518) – soft tangerine cream – I’m kinda looking forward to this one too!

Zoya Sparkle Collection

Ivanka (ZP507) – mermaid green sparkling metallic – YAY!!!

Charla (ZP508) – tropical blue sparkling metallic – a polish named after my best friend!  How did they know?  lol  The funny part is she loves blue.

Mimi (ZP509) – royal purple sparkling metallic – Now you’re talkin’ my language!

Alegra (ZP510) – fuchsia pink sparkling metallic

Nidhi (ZP511) – rich red sparkling metallic

Gilda (ZP512) – fashion pink sparkling metallic