Preview: Zoya Flash/Sparkle Collection for Summer 2010

I  haven’t seen pictures of any of the colors yet but they all sound pretty darn cool!  The flash collection is a collection of Cremes.  The Sparkle is…you guessed it!  Shimmery Metalics!

Zoya Flash Collection

Robyn (ZP513) – perfect turquoise cream – Sounds nice!

Perrie (ZP514) – soft lavender cream – Definitely looking forward to this one.

Dana (ZP515) – american rose cream

Jolene (ZP516) – summer pink cream

Maura (ZP517) – electric crimson cream

Jancyn (ZP518) – soft tangerine cream – I’m kinda looking forward to this one too!

Zoya Sparkle Collection

Ivanka (ZP507) – mermaid green sparkling metallic – YAY!!!

Charla (ZP508) – tropical blue sparkling metallic – a polish named after my best friend!  How did they know?  lol  The funny part is she loves blue.

Mimi (ZP509) – royal purple sparkling metallic – Now you’re talkin’ my language!

Alegra (ZP510) – fuchsia pink sparkling metallic

Nidhi (ZP511) – rich red sparkling metallic

Gilda (ZP512) – fashion pink sparkling metallic


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