Zoya Haul

I don’t even pretend I’m on a “no buy” at this point.  I buy whenever the mood strikes me.  I recently went a little nuts and purchased some pretty Zoya nail polishes.  I indulged my craving for dark polishes on this one.  Take a look!

Zoya "Pinta"

This is a blurple vampy creme that I really love.  This is reminiscent of OPI “Sapphire in the snow” but I think “Pinta” is darker.  In this pic, it’s an almost black shade.

Zoyz "Ki"

I’m loving this holo.  This color is so different in so many lights.  It flashes green, pink, purple.  Even as you turn the bottle around the colors change.   The base color is a sort of gray-ish purple that is hard to describe, but I love it!

Zoya “Angelina”
Dark , chocolate goodness.  That’s what I think off when I seen this color.  Chocolate brown shades are my absolute favorites and this one is right up my alley.  Love it so much!

Zoya "Nina"

This brown has more red in it than “Angelina” but it’s still dark and deep.  I love the warmth of this creme.  Almost a chocolate cherry shade.

Zoya is one of my favorite lines.  I just wish they were available in places other than online.  I found them once at The Polish Bar of Brooklyn, but the colors weren’t for sale.  Bummer!  The good thing is I have not been disappointed by any of my Zoya colors yet so I’m still a happy camper!


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