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Zoya Flash Swatches and Review

Posted in Blue, Orange, pink, Purple, Red, Zoya on April 28, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hey there, Adicts!  I am so excited to bring to you the Zoya Flash collection.  These are a collection of bright but not neon cremes that have me ready for weekly pedicures and strutting around NYC in platform Espadrilles.   You should definitely pick up some of these especially since Zoya is currently running a Polish Exchange program through June 30th.  Take a look at these babies before you make your choices!

Zoya Jolene

Jolene is a light pink, almost Pepto Bismol like creme that usually isn’t my speed, but I think I like this color against my skin tone.  I usually go for neutrals but, Summer is coming and I want to be bright and colorful!

Zoya Maura

Maura is an orange/red creme.  Excuse the painting mistakes on my nails.  It was quite late when I did these swatches… This red has quite a bit of orange in it.  If you’re gonna wear red you might as well go bright red!


Jancyn sounds like one of those “trendeigh” names.  I keep thinking of moms on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, pushing their jogger strollers around Broadway and 72nd St.  This is a light, bright orange creme.  Again, not my usual MO but definitely summer!

Zoya "Dana"

Dana is a hot pink creme.  Again, it was late when I swatched these so I messed up my pinkie while trying to photograph it.  I’m not big fan of bright pinks.  This is nice, but I’m not in love.

Zoya "Robyn"

I think I’ll reserve this bright blue creme for my toes rather than my nails.  I love blues, but I just don’t think this looks so good against my skin.  It is a pretty blue, though!

Zoya "Perrie"

I think this one is my favorite in the collection, which surprises me because while I love purple, I don’t think I would have gravitated toward this shade.

The application on all of these polishes were good.  Not too thick.  And the polish applied smoothly, no streaking.  I used three coats on all of these, although the colors were opaque in two.

Coming up next post, my Sparkle collection swatches and review.  In the meantime don’t forget to take advantage of Zoya’s polish exchange program!

Disclaimer: Samples were provided to me for review.


Quick Update

Posted in Uncategorized on April 24, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hi All! Coming at you from the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas. I’m here on official capacity for my job, but have my list of cool places to visit like CND, China Glaze, Nubar and Minx! Expect a full report when I return next week. Until then, addicts!

Piggy Paint Part 2

Posted in Non-Toxic Nail Polish, Piggy Paint, Red on April 21, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hey Lacquerholics!  A while back I reviewed a non-toxic nail polish called Piggy Paint.  It’s usually marketed to children but  the colors are funky enough that I think adults could love them too!  Now the product has very specific directions on how to apply, most notably that you do not use a base or a top coat.  I decided I wanted to see what would happen if I applied the piggy paint using a traditional base and top coat.

Last review I applied a shimmer color called “girls rule”. this time I picked up a bright red creme called “sometimes sweet”.  Let’s just say there’s a reason why the directions are specific with regards to applying base and top coat.

I applied the polish the night before using Sally Hansen Hard As Nails as a base coat and Poshe fast drying top coat.  The creme dried to a satin-like finish before I applied the glossy top coat.  The following morning, I did my usual morning routine and my nails looked pretty good… that is until I got off the bus on my way to the subway and noticed my thumb.

Granted, the photo is very blurry as it was hastily taken with my camera phone on my blackberry but I think you get the picture.  Now if you remember from my last review I did notice chipping when I applied the polish as directed.  However it took several days for that to occur.  This chip on my thumb happened during the first day.  The moral of this story is, if you’re going to use Piggy Paint, follow the instructions and do not use a base and a top coat!

Piggy Paint can be found in New York City at Ricky’s and I recently noticed them at Duane Reade.  Don’t forget There’s a coupon code just for my Lacquerholics out there by going to and using the code LACQUER10L and you’ll get 10% off.  Happy Shopping!

Win $500 in SpaRitual Products!

Posted in SpaRitual on April 16, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hey Addicts!  I know I haven’t been posting much due to way too much to do and no time to do it.  I just had to write a quickie post about SpaRitua’s fabulous “Believe” Sweepstakes in conjunction with the launch of their Spring 2010 “Believe” collection.  Below are the details.  The contest ends April 21st so get in while the getting is good!

The sweepstakes offers fans many chances to win with weekly giveaways of the Believe Collection and a grand prize by simply answering one inspiring question ‘What do you believe?’

03.23.2010 – To celebrate its new Believe Collection for Spring 2010 , SpaRitual is asking fans to unleash their creativity and imagination and answer the evocative question, what do you believe? In the SpaRitual Believe Video Sweepstakes, people can upload a video or record a video response on the SpaRitual Believe YouTube sweepstakes page expressing their unique take on what matters, inspires, or stirs passion — in short, what they believe. To get inspired, watch the SpaRitual Believe video.

The sweepstake kicks off March 24 and runs for four weeks ending April 21. Winners will be selected by an incredible panel of judges, featuring:

• Stephanie Yaggy, Executive Editor, Nailpro
• Hannah Lee, Executive Editor, Nails
• Shel Pink, Founder and VP, SpaRitual

Many Ways to Win:
• The first six people to enter the sweepstakes by uploading their video or recording their video response will each win one of the six nail lacquers in the SpaRitual Believe Spring 2010 Collection and Multi-Tasker Base & Topcoat in One.

• A weekly winner will be selected from entries submitted from Wednesday through Tuesday at 11:59pm PDT and will receive the SpaRitual Believe Collection and Multi-Tasker Base & Topcoat in One.

• One final grand prize winner will be selected on April 21. The grand prize winner will receive $500 worth of SpaRitual Products including the new Believe Spring 2010 collection.

How to Enter
Visit the SpaRitual Believe Video Sweepstakes YouTube page at to upload a video or record a video response and also email their real name, age and birthday, mailing address, and name of YouTube account holder to:

Join the Conversation
The SpaRitual team hopes you’ll inspired to enter the sweepstakes, watch the videos, and find inspiration from the SpaRitual community. They will also be discussing the sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter, so join the conversation by visiting the SpaRitual Facebook fan page and becoming a fan, and follow SpaRitual on Twitter at @SpaRitual. We hope you’ll join us in spreading the word on Twitter and across the social Web. For our Twitter followers, the hashtag being used for this contest is #SpaRitualBelieve.

For contest rules and privacy policy visit: Believe Video Sweepstakes Rules and SpaRitual privacy policy.

About the Believe Spring 2010 Collection
Inspired by the vibrant colors of spring, the Believe Collection features an enticing color palette: Leafy Green Crème, Poppy Orange Crème, Hot Pink Shimmer, Pomegranate Crème, Purple Crème, and Lavender Crème. Each nail lacquer in the collection comes with a unique charm bearing an inspiring mantra from the core themes: I Can, Hope, Believe, Love, Faith, and Wish.

NOTD: Sally Hansen “Thinking of Blue”

Posted in Blue, Sally Hansen on April 9, 2010 by ainamakeup

I bought this at my local drugstore.  Blues are becoming a new favorite for me and this blue really stood out to me.

Sally Hansen "Thinking of Blue"

For some reason SH never immediately comes to mind when I think of nail companies that really push the envelope, but I like that they’ve been making an effort to appeal to a fashion forward market.  This blue creme is unique and pretty.  The application was pretty simple, although I have to say the wide brush handle is a little cumbersome to dip in and out of the bottle, but the wide brush with rounded edges makes application very easy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

IBS Haul Part 2: OPI

Posted in Blue, Brown, OPI, Purple, Shimmer on April 5, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hey there’s folks!

I bring you part two of my haul from IBS, the International Beauty Show, in NYC last month.  On the Last day of the show, I finally managed to make my way over to the OPI booth.  They were offering 6 polishes for $24.  Not a bad deal at all!  I was hoping they’d have some new things to offer, like the Shrek collection, because I’d  already bought what I wanted from the Hong Kong Collection and Alice in Wonderland.  I did however pick up a topcoat and few standouts from past collections, I hadn’t yet added to my stash.

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue

This is from the India collection and passed it up previously as I thought “Russian Navy” was all the blue I needed.  But I was oh so wrong!  This blue is gorgeous!  Shimmery, dark but not “almost black”, which is what I love most about it.

OPI Miami Beet

I chose this dark hot pink because.. well I don’t have anything like it.  I figured I would step outside of my box a bit and pick something I wouldn’t normally wear.  Many of the colors I chose were very similar so I wanted to get at least one polish that was  totally different.

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

This is another one from the India Collection.  I can’t resist a dark polish, and even though OPI has made tons of shades like this, (“LPAM” and “Eiffel For This Color” come immediately to mind), I just had to have this!

OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight

And speaking of LPAM.  I bought this one because I think it is becoming HTF and I wanted a backup.  This is one of my all time favorite polishes.  It’s a go to color when I can’t decide what color I want to paint my nails.  It just makes me happy!  Even thought the nail polish neophyte would just see two similar polishes, we polish aficionados know these are not dupes at all.

OPI "Over The Taupe"

I didn’t pick up this lovely taupe when it debuted last summer because I thought it was too similar to “You Don’t Know Jacques” and I just couldn’t justify having both.  I’m glad I decided to buy this at IBS, because it’s such a pretty taupey Brown.  Love love love it!!

Lookie what I Got!

Posted in Blue, MAC on April 4, 2010 by ainamakeup

As I may have mentioned, I work at a makeup studio and I had a client come in for a makeup lesson a few weeks ago.  I noticed the very cool color she was rocking on her nails and asked her what she was wearing.  It was “Blue India” from the MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection.  I remember seeing reviews on ALU and Vampy Varnish and loving it, but remembering that I probably wasn’t going to get it because… well I spend too much money on nail polish as it is.  I can’t get absolutely everything I want.  I was lamenting on the fact that even if I did want to get it, I’d probably missed my chance because this collection came out ages ago.  My client mentioned she just happened to have an extra bottle and she would graciously give it to me!  A few days later, she kept her word and showed up at the studio with “my precious”.  And here she is!

MAC "Blue India"

This cool, grayed out blue is lovely!  I love it!  It’s probably a little too cool for my skin tone but I don’t care.  I’m still rocking this.  And I dig the pretty bottle!