Lookie what I Got!

As I may have mentioned, I work at a makeup studio and I had a client come in for a makeup lesson a few weeks ago.  I noticed the very cool color she was rocking on her nails and asked her what she was wearing.  It was “Blue India” from the MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection.  I remember seeing reviews on ALU and Vampy Varnish and loving it, but remembering that I probably wasn’t going to get it because… well I spend too much money on nail polish as it is.  I can’t get absolutely everything I want.  I was lamenting on the fact that even if I did want to get it, I’d probably missed my chance because this collection came out ages ago.  My client mentioned she just happened to have an extra bottle and she would graciously give it to me!  A few days later, she kept her word and showed up at the studio with “my precious”.  And here she is!

MAC "Blue India"

This cool, grayed out blue is lovely!  I love it!  It’s probably a little too cool for my skin tone but I don’t care.  I’m still rocking this.  And I dig the pretty bottle!


4 Responses to “Lookie what I Got!”

  1. Annette Says:

    Aina…the Blue India looks amazing on you!!! That is a really cool bottle, isn’t it? It’s currently my favorite polish!!

  2. Park Avenue Says:

    First of all: You work in a makeup studio? Too fabulous!

    It was really nice of your client to keep her word. I think the color is gorgeous & it looks pretty on you. The bottle is adorable, too!

  3. My birthday is on Saturday and this polish is at the top of my list. I keep seeing such great pictures of it and it’s killing me!

  4. Wow, awesome colour and so sweet of her to give it to you!

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