IBS Haul Part 2: OPI

Hey there’s folks!

I bring you part two of my haul from IBS, the International Beauty Show, in NYC last month.  On the Last day of the show, I finally managed to make my way over to the OPI booth.  They were offering 6 polishes for $24.  Not a bad deal at all!  I was hoping they’d have some new things to offer, like the Shrek collection, because I’d  already bought what I wanted from the Hong Kong Collection and Alice in Wonderland.  I did however pick up a topcoat and few standouts from past collections, I hadn’t yet added to my stash.

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue

This is from the India collection and passed it up previously as I thought “Russian Navy” was all the blue I needed.  But I was oh so wrong!  This blue is gorgeous!  Shimmery, dark but not “almost black”, which is what I love most about it.

OPI Miami Beet

I chose this dark hot pink because.. well I don’t have anything like it.  I figured I would step outside of my box a bit and pick something I wouldn’t normally wear.  Many of the colors I chose were very similar so I wanted to get at least one polish that was  totally different.

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

This is another one from the India Collection.  I can’t resist a dark polish, and even though OPI has made tons of shades like this, (“LPAM” and “Eiffel For This Color” come immediately to mind), I just had to have this!

OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight

And speaking of LPAM.  I bought this one because I think it is becoming HTF and I wanted a backup.  This is one of my all time favorite polishes.  It’s a go to color when I can’t decide what color I want to paint my nails.  It just makes me happy!  Even thought the nail polish neophyte would just see two similar polishes, we polish aficionados know these are not dupes at all.

OPI "Over The Taupe"

I didn’t pick up this lovely taupe when it debuted last summer because I thought it was too similar to “You Don’t Know Jacques” and I just couldn’t justify having both.  I’m glad I decided to buy this at IBS, because it’s such a pretty taupey Brown.  Love love love it!!


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