Zoya Flash Swatches and Review

Hey there, Adicts!  I am so excited to bring to you the Zoya Flash collection.  These are a collection of bright but not neon cremes that have me ready for weekly pedicures and strutting around NYC in platform Espadrilles.   You should definitely pick up some of these especially since Zoya is currently running a Polish Exchange program through June 30th.  Take a look at these babies before you make your choices!

Zoya Jolene

Jolene is a light pink, almost Pepto Bismol like creme that usually isn’t my speed, but I think I like this color against my skin tone.  I usually go for neutrals but, Summer is coming and I want to be bright and colorful!

Zoya Maura

Maura is an orange/red creme.  Excuse the painting mistakes on my nails.  It was quite late when I did these swatches… This red has quite a bit of orange in it.  If you’re gonna wear red you might as well go bright red!


Jancyn sounds like one of those “trendeigh” names.  I keep thinking of moms on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, pushing their jogger strollers around Broadway and 72nd St.  This is a light, bright orange creme.  Again, not my usual MO but definitely summer!

Zoya "Dana"

Dana is a hot pink creme.  Again, it was late when I swatched these so I messed up my pinkie while trying to photograph it.  I’m not big fan of bright pinks.  This is nice, but I’m not in love.

Zoya "Robyn"

I think I’ll reserve this bright blue creme for my toes rather than my nails.  I love blues, but I just don’t think this looks so good against my skin.  It is a pretty blue, though!

Zoya "Perrie"

I think this one is my favorite in the collection, which surprises me because while I love purple, I don’t think I would have gravitated toward this shade.

The application on all of these polishes were good.  Not too thick.  And the polish applied smoothly, no streaking.  I used three coats on all of these, although the colors were opaque in two.

Coming up next post, my Sparkle collection swatches and review.  In the meantime don’t forget to take advantage of Zoya’s polish exchange program!

Disclaimer: Samples were provided to me for review.


One Response to “Zoya Flash Swatches and Review”

  1. Robyn looks sooo good! I’m such a sucker for blues so I shouldn’t order it but I’m in doubt. Hmmmm 😀

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