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NOTD: Damone Roberts 1968

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OPI Damone Roberts 1968

I skipped out on this one the first time it came out.  I’m so glad it was re-released.  I ordered it as soon as I heard, and it is a notable addition to my budding mint green collection.  So pretty!  Thank you, Damone Roberts for giving us a second chance at this gorgeous green!


Knock Out Cosmetics Swatches

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This weekend I had the privilege of attending The Makeup Show in NYC.  I was there on official business working for a cosmetics company,  but I of course managed to steal a moment or two to check out some of the goodies being offered at the show.  I have much to tell, and you’ll hear more about my awesome finds in future posts, but first things first – I must tell you about my experience at Knock Out Cosmetics.

Knock Out is a high-end line of matte finish nail colors.  What I love about these polishes, just at first sight is beautiful bottles that are modern, and at the same time belong on the vanity table of a Hollywood Starlet circa 1945.  The best thing about Knock Out, though is how unique  the collection is.   Mike Potter, the brains behind this whole operation, definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, creating shades that you can justify owning because, trust me – you don’t have anything similar.  These polishes have a look that sets them apart from the pack!

I went by the booth and much to my surprise Mike Potter was actually there! What’s more is he generously gave me two bottles to write about!

Knock Out "Pool"

Pool is a pretty sea blue, that I know I definitely do not have dupe for, glossy or otherwise.  Despite the coolness of this color, I like the way it looks against my skin tone.

Knock Out "Match"

It took me a minute to figure out why this shade was named “Match”.  Then I realized it bares a striking resemblance to the orange-red tops of match sticks!  I don’t think I would have ever seen something like that and thought, “that should be a nail color.”  I’m usually not into bright color,  but I absolutely love this!

Knock Out Cosmetics polishes are sold online t and at select stores across the country.  Happy Shopping!

CND Haul and Lacquerholic Tries the “Stickey” Sandwich

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While I was at IBS Las Vegas, I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to check out CND.  For some reason the nail polish gods haven’t blessed us New Yorker’s with any stores that I know of that sell CND Colour and Effects. I can easily find CND products like Solar oil and perhaps a few base and top coats, but I had  yet to see the collection of CND Colour and Effects with my own eyes.  In the interest of saving money and looking at the whole collection, I decided to limit my spending here – Sad but true.  I figured it was more important for me to get a few effects and less of the colors, so I chose just one CND Colour and two effects.  After much deliberation I chose Green Scene!

CND Green Scene

I really like this bright cheery green creme.  I don’t think I own any greens quite like this in my collection.  The polish applied like a dream.  It wasn’t streaky and was opaque in two coats. I already want more!

After choosing Green Scene, I decided to get some Effects.  I figured for my money it was wiser to pick two Effects.  I can use them with any polish and… well, they’re just so darn pretty!  I went through all the effects and in the end, I went with Violet Shimmer and Jade Sparkle.

With Violet Shimmer (middle) and Jade Sparkle (index)

This photo doesn’t do these effects justice at all.  I’m going to have to get a better picture of these with a darker polish.  I think I’m loving the violet shimmer a tiny bit more than the Jade Sparkle, but again. I need a different polish to see how just how intense the Effects really are.

While I was there, I got to talking with a nail technician at the booth.  She told me about a technique a fellow nail aficionado told her about called “The Stickey Sandwich”.  The technique is supposed to result in a longer lasting manicure.  It starts with a coat of CND Stickey base coat, then a layer of the nail polish of your choosing, another coat of Stickey, a second coat of polish, hen a third coat of stickey, a final layer of polish then the top coat of your choice.   Here’s my manicure using  the Stickey sandwich technique and Nubar Wildlife on day three.

The Stickey Sandwich Day Three

As you can see there is some obvious tip wear here, but I didn’t think it was so bad.  Usually my manicures begin to peel a little on the second day.  Then if I find myself getting fidgety during the day I’ll find a weak point in the seal of my nail polish and start to peel my polish off.  While this may not be a bulletproof manicure, it certainly has more staying power than my usual technique – and I didn’t have the urge to peel!

Stay tuned to part two of my CND review where I share my brief but worthwhile encounter with CND’s new Hybrid nail color Shellac!

Nubar Haul at IBS Las Vegas

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Back in April I attended IBS Las Vegas.  I was there for work, but as usual I had ulterior motives.  My super secret mission was to check out some of the polish companies this New Yorker doesn’t get to see much of.  I was thrilled that Nubar, China Glaze and CND all had booths at the show.  I need to go on a No-buy because man did I loose my mind .  I’m going to need another storage bin from Ikea!

At Nubar they offered 8 polishes (yes EIGHT) for $25.  AND a free Diamont Top Coat.  Since I’ve never seen Nubar sold in NYC, I decided to take advantage.  Here’s my haul!

Nubar Wildlife

This is from the Going Green Collection.  When I see this, I think of the jungle.  A beautiful Duochrome that’s green shimmer one minute and a pink flash.  It really looks different depending on where you position your hands.  I could not stop looking at it when I wore it the first time.  I didn’t choose it when I’d bought my greens a while back, but I’m glad I picked it up now.  I wore it the next day and was complimented several times on how cool my nails looked.  As a matter of fact, I was on the Subway on the way to work last week and the woman sitting next to me asked me what nail polish I was wearing.  This swatch was taken after a few days of wear.  I was experimenting with something which I’ll tell you all about in another post.

Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme

I love Brown polishes the way Scrangie loves Greens.  This is from the Chocolate Truffles collection.  Chocolate browns make me happy.  Yes it’s an ordinary brown creme but it’s just my style.  Love it!

Nubar Dark Castle

Black with silver/gray shimmer.  Gray polishes are another love of mine, so when Nubar released the Fortress collection, I’d just about died and went to heaven.  I love the richness of this.  It is black but you can still see that’s it’s not just another black creme. Hmmm…I wonder how this would look matte…  I’m going to have to try that.  This one applied beautifully.  this was opaque in one coat.  This swatch is two coats.

Nubar Citadel

Another lovely from the Fortress collection.  A light gray creme that I just had to have!

Nubar Swiss Chocolate

This brown is cooler than Milk Chocolate Creme.  Again, it’s love. I like that even though it is a rich color it’s not vampy or almost black.

Nubar Silver Sword

Silver, gunmetal Gray shimmer.  One of my biggest lemmings is Lippman’s “Hit me with your best shot”.  I think now that I have this, it will satisfy my lemming…at least for now.

Nubar Conserve

A Pretty Blue Green…well a green that has blue/green flash.  I’m not sure how well this compliments my skin tone, but I think I’m going to wear it anyway!

Nubar Chocolate Coffee Bean

I love coffee.  I love Chocolate.  I love this polish.  Love the uniqueness of this brown with pink microglitter.  So Pretty!

So…yeah I went nuts but it was well worth it.  I’m so happy with all of these!

China Glaze Poolside Collection Swatches & Review

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Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful mom’s out there!

Today I bring you the China Glaze Poolside Collection for Summer 2010.  These are a collection of Neon polishes that you will definitely need shades to enjoy in the hot summer sun!  While I consider myself a nail polish aficionado, I up until this collection didn’t own any neons and didn’t realize that neons dry with matte finish. When I started applying the first polish, I thought I was going crazy or that my base coat had turned the polish matte.  All of the swatches you see do not include a top coat so you will see these shades in their true matte form.  I found the formula on these to be a little on the streaky side, but I think with the addition of topcoat they would look just fine.

China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

This is a neon yellow.  When I think neon, I think the 80’s so I’m not sure if I would normally pick this color up unless I needed it for a Halloween costume.  If neons are your cup of tea, this yell will definitely fit the bill.  As you can see this one is a little streaky, but I think with topcoat, the streaks would smooth out.  Apparently, yellows tend t be problematic.

China Glaze Pool Party

This is a pretty neon pink creme I think is fun.  This is a shade I would definitely wear, although admittedly it’s not the first polish I would pick up.  I like that it’s a flashy, hot pink.  This one reminds me of the 80’s as well, but in a good way.  Pool Party applied much less streaky than some of the others.

China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

I think this one is one of my favorites.  It’s bright and blue.  I really like the name as well.  Makes me imagine Cougars on some Hedonism resort laying on lounge chairs staring at the booties of young men as they walk by.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

I’m not sure what’s up with this photo.  I may have to retake this when I can access some sunlight because as I look at it, now it is definitely more of a bright orange.  here is looks more pink or coral and it is not.

Kiwi Cool-Ada

Neon Green.  I’ve definitely developed an affinity for green nail polish but I’m not sure I can hang with this one.  I always say, Anything Goes on my Toes so I’ll be adding this to the Lacquerholic files under under Toes.  This one was the least streaky out of the bunch in terms of application.

China Glaze Sun Worshiper

This is a lighter Orange than Flip Flop Fantasy.  I think this one is more wearable than some of the other shades for me.  Again this was a bit on the streaky side, but with a coat of Seche, I’m sure it will look fine.

These polishes went on very sheer on the first coat.  Almost see through.  I used three coats on all of these.  If you’re an adventurous color wearer, then this collection is for you!

Disclaimer: Samples were provided to me for review.

China Glaze Fall 2010 Preview

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Lookie look and what’s coming this Fall From China Glaze!

The Fall collection will be called Vintage Vixen – inspired from the 1940’s and the colors look rich and luscious!  I’m excited and I’ve barely gotten into my Summer colors!

The 12-color includes:

  • Riveter Rouge – Deep red shimmer
  • Foxy – Burgundy frost with shimmer
  • Goin’ My Way – Brown frost with copper shimmer
  • Classic Camel – Khaki crème with gold micro glitter
  • Swing Baby –  Taupe frost with silver micro glitter
  • Ingrid – “Greige” crème with copper micro glitter – Looking Forward to this one.
  • Hey Doll – Rose frost with shimmer
  • Bogie – Plum frost with shimmer
  • First Class Ticket – Deep purple frost with shimmer –I cannot resist a good purple
  • Midnight Mission – Navy blue frost with silver micro glitter
  • Emerald Fitzgerald – Turquoise green frost with shimmer – Ooooh!  this one sounds fun!
  • Jitterbug – Grey chrome with silver micro glitter

I’ll be posting my review of China Glaze’s Summer 2010 Poolside collection very shortly.  These will be available sometime in June.  I just couldn’t wait to share this with you guys!

Zoya Sparkle Collection Swatches and Review

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Good Day, Addicts!

Today I bring you the Sparkle collection from Zoya. I’ve never been a big fan of Glitter (I grew up in the 80’s), but I have to say I really like these.  What I love the most is how easy these are to remove.  No soaking for minutes at a time, because the glitter in these are small and much more modern looking that glitters from my childhood.   Now, on to the colors.

Zoya Gilda

Gilda is a bright pink that reminds me of fruit punch. The small flecks of glitter look gold in some lights, and mimic the pink base in different light.  I’m not a big pink fan when it comes to my fingers, but anything goes on my toes.

Zoya "Mimi"

What a pretty purple.  The iridescent glitter makes this one extra special.  I think this one is my favorite of the collection.  In the bottle this looks more of a red based purple.

Zoya "Charla"

I particularly like this one because my best friend has the same name.  And her favorite color is blue!  This a pretty aqua blue.  I like the way the color looks, but I think it’s too cool for my coloring.  I love the blue/green subtle duochrome.  This color is serving “Little Mermaid”

Zoya "Nidhi"

Red Hot with glitter that appears both gold and silver.  My tastes are changing since starting this blog.  Getting the opportunity to try all different colors of polish is great because I get to step outside my usual style of dark polishes; vampy purples and browns and moody grays.   I really like this color.  It’s so summer.  All I want to do is sip frozen margaritas on a rooftop bar.

Zoyz "Ivanka"

This is my other fave.  I’ve become a sucker for greens and this one is no exception.  I like to think of this as “Charla’s” cousin.  Ivanka is green with slight tinges of blue while Charla is blue with slight tinges of green.  Love it!

The application on these was great.  I always do three coats of polish.  Some colors applied more opaque than the others, but this did not bother me at all.  Don’t forget. You can pick up these gems and other fabulous Zoya Polishes during their Polish exchange.

Disclaimer: Samples were sent to me for review