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Del Sol Nail PolishReview.

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I’m not sure what rock I’ve been living under, but I don’t think I’ve heard of a nail polish that changes color in sunlight.  In fact I haven’t heard of any color changing product since mood rings made a resurgence in the 80’s.   A co-worker ROAK’d me a bottle of this color changing nail polish by a company called Del Sol.  Del Sol, established in 1994 is a company that makes a variety of color changing products, like clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.  Fascinating!  There is a collection of 24 nail polishes, and each of them changes color in the sun.  Perfect for someone like me who changes her mind about which color to wear.  With these nail polishes, I can wear two!

Del Sol "flirt" indoor color

The color I got was called flirt.  It starts off as a basic pink frost – very old school, nothing to write home about. I applied a base coat and three coats of lacquer with a top coat of Seche Vite.  I wasn’t sure if the top coat would affect the color changing.

Sunlight color as shown on bottle

Hers’s a swatch of what the color is supposed to look like when exposed to sun light.

"flirt" exposed to sunlight

And here is the color exposed to sunlight.  I was extremely skeptical that the color wasn’t going to change.  As you can see, in intense sunlight, it really does change into this rosy pink shimmer.  Luckily the day I tried it was a crazy sunny day.  I took this photo outside on my way to work.  One thing to note is that when you go back indoors, or your hands are not exposed to sunlight, the initial shade comes right back.  I was hoping the sunlight color would last a little longer indoors.  It goes away after about 30 sans sunlight.   And just being outside isn’t really enough, your nails have to be directly in the sun in order to get the full effect.  This would work great in super sunny climates when you’re out on the beach all day. The formula on this polish was really nice.  Not to thick, not too thin.  Application was easy,  and I think two coats would have done the job.  I applied three just to make sure I got complete color payoff.

This shade is just the tip of the iceberg.  There’s a blue that changes to green called “Rockstar”  Most of the colors look like shimmer shades, but I think they have a few cremes as well.  I’d love to see what the cremes look like.  There’s a light pink that changes to deep purple called “Beach Bum”.  I’m now lemming that one as well.

The website claims that the polishes are Formaldehyde and Toluene free.  In the ingredients on the back of the bottle I didn’t see the words dibutyl phthalate included on the list of ingredients.  You can find Del Sol Products at  Enjoy!


Zoya Wonderful Collection Swatches and Review

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I am so excited to have the opportunity to review this collection.  While I like shimmers, cremes are my true passion (vice, addiction..whatever) and the polishes of the Wonderful collection from Zoya for Fall 2010 truly are wonderful.  All of the following photos are two coats of polish with no top coat and the formula was fantastic.  Very easy application, even for a girl like me who never could color inside the lines.

Zoya Kristi

Kristi is a sexy red creme.  It reminds me of “Staggette” by Cheeky Monkey, but Kristi is more of a true red, and slightly less bright.  I’m not the biggest red fan, but I’d definitely wear this.

Zoya Shawn

I am in love with this green.  It’s brighter than an olive, more yellow based.  But it’s different from other greens like RBL No More War.  I was way late on the green bandwagon, but I’m making up for lost time and this green will be among the top of my fall polish rotation.

Zoya Cola

Cola is a reddish-brown creme.  Usually, when I think of reddish-brown I recall… The 80’s and early 90’s (yikes!).  When I was younger I used to dream of the dark, vampy, cool toned brown polishes that are now more available.  No one had really come out with deep browns back in the day.  At best you’d get colors similar to this one.  This shade looks much more modern than the “momish” reddish browns of the past – like Revlon “Toast of NY”.  I like it!

Zoya Burke

This is a nice, muted rose toned red.  If I had to go somewhere where I had to look “appropriate” I’d probably rock this.  I’m not ga ga over this shade.

Zoya Stacy

Nice classic vampy wine.  Really like this one!  It’s got a slightly muted feel to it. Stacy is definitely going in the rotation this fall!

Zoya Kelly

My Precious!  Dark, moody, totally fall appropriate.  I’m in love.  This is definitely my favorite of the collection.  I think gray is such a sophisticated shade to wear – and Kelly is no exception.  At first I thought this was similar to OCC’s “Dangerous” , but Kelly is a bit warmer, and I think a bit darker.  Really love this!

You can snag this collection on  Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: These were sent to me for review.

Zoya Wicked Collection Swatches & Review

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Hurray for Saturday!

Today Bring you the Zoya Wicked Collection!  This is one part of Zoya’s fall 2010 collection.  I’ll be reviewing Zoya’s Wonderful collection in my next post.  Overall, I really liked this collection.  I used two coats for each swatch and that was all I needed.  The formula on these were perfect!

Zoya Edyta

This is a beautiful glittery deep gray that almost reads antique gold/green in certain lights.  I think this one is going to be worn by me quite a bit this fall!  Hands down my favorite of the collection.  I’m in love!

Zoya Julieanne

When I first saw Julieanne, I thought this was just like Zoya Mimi, but upon further inspection it’s actually more blue based and cooler in tone. The shimmer is different as well.  In this photo it looks like a night sky full of stars like I used to marvel at as a child spending time down south for the summer.

Zoya Cheryl

I wasn’t sure I was going to like “Cheryl”, but I think it looks really nice.  The dense copper toned glitter is gorgeous in this polish.  The coppery/bronze/brown base seems pretty unique to me.  This one surprised me the most.

Zoya Kym

I’m not sure how to describe this color.  There are tinges of red, burnt orange, pink, copper.  Definitely a don’t have many colors like this in my collection.  Again, it’s not my typical style, but a perfect color for fall.

Zoya Carrie Ann

The brightest polish of the collection.  A light red leaning towards orange – at least in this pic.  The teeny tiny shimmer particles get a little lost in this pic, but trust me there are there.

Zoya Karina

A medium red shimmer.  I think my toes would like a few coats of this polish! I really like the small shimmer pieces in This as well.  This a great red option for fall. Definitely perfect for a dinner date.  Now I just need a dinner date!

You can get these beauties at  I wished they sold them in NYC, but I can always dream, cant I?

Disclaimer: These were sent to me for review.

Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener Review

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Today I bring you a review of a nail strengthener I had the privilege to test out.  Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Launchpad Nail Strengthener Anti-Aging Base Coat.  What makes this base coat stand out from all the rest?  Peptides infused within the treatment. It promises longer, stronger nails. The peptide is derived from New Zealand wool and is claimed to help add moisture and strength to the nails with Keratin.

Launchpad Nail Strengthener

I’ve been using it as a base coat under polish, and alone as a treatment off and on for the last two weeks. A few things to note:  When I used it alone, applying one coat dried very quickly.  Applying two coats resulted in the polish not drying as fast.  It also felt tacky to the touch even hours later.  Once I applied two coats in the evening before I went to bed, and I woke up the next morning with sheet imprints on a few nails.

As a base coat under nail polish, I found it to work well.  The polish adhered to the base coat and my manicures did last a day or two longer than usual.  As for my nails being stronger and longer?  The jury’s still out on that.  I will say that the biggest nail problem I have is my nails peeling into layers.  I found that when I used the base coat consistently, my nails didn’t peel as much!  And usually they peel constantly.  I intend to keep this treatment up and see how well my nails do in the long run.

You can buy Launchpad Anti Aging Nail Strengthener online at for $18.00.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: this was sent to me for review for more info please see my Disclosure Policy.

Two lovely Orly’s!

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Hi Everyone!  I was Sally’s Beauty Supply the other day and they had some great polishes on the clearance table.  One of them was the oh-so-coveted shade Enchanted Forrest from last fall’s collection.  I was shocked to see it there.  I remember it being a bit hard to find last fall, but I digress… Two polishes in particular caught my eye and I couldn’t help but pick them up!

Orly Velvet Rope

This is a gorgeous purple with glitter that’s small, but not micro.  What I love is that while the color is rich and vibrant, it’s not vampy or almost black.  I love it!

Orly Royal Navy

I had already made my purchase when I found myself going back to the clearance table to look at this beautiful blue.  It’s different from the other blues in my collection, and I’m so glad I bought it.  This picture does not do it justice!  In true sunlight it looks beautiful!  Scrangie has some amazing pics of it here.

China Glaze “Fight Like a Woman” Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness!

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Hi Everyone!

Check out the new China Glaze Collection called “Fight like a Woman” for Breast cancer Awareness month!

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization dedicated to the science of cancer and promoting international collaboration in cancer research.

China Glaze Fight Like a Woman Collection

The three colors in “Fight Like A Woman” include:

Encouragement – A baby pink shimmer that brings on the cheer

Endurance – Power through the punches with this raspberry shimmer

Empowerment – Stand up tall with this cotton-candy crème on your nails

The “Fight Like A Woman” Collection will be available at professional beauty supply stores and select salons this September. Availability will be very limited internationally.

Go to China for more information.

Essie Resort and Summer Collection Swatches & Review

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Good Day, Addicts!

I’m finally back with swatches!  I’ve been dying to pick up these lovely Essie shades from the 2010 Resort and Summer collections.  After looking at both collections, I exercised restraint and only purchased three!

Lapis of Luxury

I’m loving this cool toned, Cornflower/periwinkle kind of blue.  It’s different from any blue I own.  I love how soft and pretty it is.

Playa del Platinum

I’m sure you’ve all heard me discuss my love of Grey polishes and this one is no exception.  Playa Del Platinum has a bit of a glow to it.  Not a shimmer… hust a hint of something in the shade to keep it from looking too pale and chalky.

Pretty Edgy

The name says it all.  This color is pretty edgy by Essie standards.  Actually, the green is so bright, it reminds me of colorful kids clothes.  I’m loving this!

Turquoise & Caicos Turquoise & Caicos

Another fave.  I’d been coveting the shade so much I spotted it on a co-worker immediately.  So glad I have it now; it was a top contender for my Jamaica manicure!  You can get these lovelies on the Essie website.  I get mine at one of my favorite spots in the city, Beauty 35!