Caribbean Fashion Week Wrap Up

I recently returned from Jamaica where I was privileged to be part of the Eve Pearl makeup team for Caribbean Fashion Week! While a trip to Jamaica may appear to the untrained eye to be  fun and glamorous, I must report that it was mostly work, with mere moments of play.   I’m still not 100% convinced that Jamaica actually has beaches since I didn’t see one the entire time I was there., but it was all good as I spent three days doing what I love – Makeup!  Here’s an overview of what went down!

We arrived on a Monday, but the shows did not begin until Friday. There was alot of planning that went on in between.  We had to work at a myriad of pre Fashion Week events.  There was quite a bit of press and attention surrounding our being there for Fashion week as Eve is not only a Celebrity Makeup artist, but a Celebrity in her own right!.  We were even in the paper!

Creating the Look for Caribbean Fashion Week

After a few days of events and some planning meetings we had a meeting with the Jamaica based makeup artists who assisted up to go over the basic look for the shows.  The look was a dramatic smokey eye, mostly black on the lids, accented with a shimmery shade of eyeshadow.  We could choose whatever color we wanted to accent.  Sometimes we’d even let the model choose. We used our shadows wet because the color payoff was more intense.  We mostly do beauty makeup at the studio in NYC, so it was fun to play with colors and do some high fashion looks.  We used black on the brows and extended them for even more drama.

Almost ready for Showtime!

Me Workin' on a model

Me and Supermodel Oraine

No caption necessary

Each show night there was three shows, with 4-5 designers per show and 15-30 models walking each night.  Once things got rolling,our team was in the zone. Everything happened so fast, and I was loving every minute of it.  We had so much fun working with some of the most beautiful models I’ve ever seen – and the Jamaica based makeup team lead by the fantastic Racquel Jenkins, owner of Permanent Cosmetics Studio & Boutiue in Kingston.  Her and her team were fabulous to work with!  She was also our gracious hostess in Jamaica.  Many thanks to my boss and Mentor, Eve and to Racquel for bringing us to Beautiful Jamaica!  Check out more Photos at the Eve Pearl Website.


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