Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener Review

Today I bring you a review of a nail strengthener I had the privilege to test out.  Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Launchpad Nail Strengthener Anti-Aging Base Coat.  What makes this base coat stand out from all the rest?  Peptides infused within the treatment. It promises longer, stronger nails. The peptide is derived from New Zealand wool and is claimed to help add moisture and strength to the nails with Keratin.

Launchpad Nail Strengthener

I’ve been using it as a base coat under polish, and alone as a treatment off and on for the last two weeks. A few things to note:  When I used it alone, applying one coat dried very quickly.  Applying two coats resulted in the polish not drying as fast.  It also felt tacky to the touch even hours later.  Once I applied two coats in the evening before I went to bed, and I woke up the next morning with sheet imprints on a few nails.

As a base coat under nail polish, I found it to work well.  The polish adhered to the base coat and my manicures did last a day or two longer than usual.  As for my nails being stronger and longer?  The jury’s still out on that.  I will say that the biggest nail problem I have is my nails peeling into layers.  I found that when I used the base coat consistently, my nails didn’t peel as much!  And usually they peel constantly.  I intend to keep this treatment up and see how well my nails do in the long run.

You can buy Launchpad Anti Aging Nail Strengthener online at for $18.00.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: this was sent to me for review for more info please see my Disclosure Policy.


2 Responses to “Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener Review”

  1. Sounds great so far! Glad it’s helping your nails not peel.

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