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Chanel Khaki Swatches and Review

Posted in Brown, Chanel, Green on October 26, 2010 by ainamakeup

Now that I’ve been bitten by the Chanel bug, I found myself unable to resist the Khaki collection.  At first I’d limited myself to Khaki Vert and Khaki Brun, but after a few days, I decided to get the third in the collection, Khaki Rose.  I have no regrets!

Chanel Khaki Vert

Could I be more in love?  It’s green. It’s moody.  It’s camo.  I love it!  I’m so glad colors like these are in fashion.  These are the kind of colors I always dreamed of but didn’t have enough imagination to create myself.

Chanel Khaki Brun

Love love love!  muddy swampy brown creme.  This was the shade that broke my resistance.  I went to Bloomingdale’s on my lunch break and picked this one up thThis is definitely my go-to brown for the fall!

Chanel Khaki Rose

I wasn’t sure about this color until I saw it in person at Bloomingdales.  I was afraid it would look dowdy and mom-ish.  I was wrong.  I really like it and am happy to have added it to my stash!

Not sure where(or if) you can get these as they came out during Fashion Week.  Just checked the Chanel website and Khaki Brun is still available!  Get it while it’s hot!



Nfu-Oh Haul

Posted in Blue, Green, Nfu-Oh, Purple with tags on October 22, 2010 by ainamakeup

I recently jumped on the NFU-Oh Bandwagon.  Holy Cow!  They have in my opinion one of the most comprehensive, well-rounded and creative collection of polishes out there.  All of the colors just wow me and I think the quality is outstanding!  I wish it was more accessible here in the US but fortunately you can get it on Fabulous street and There’s free shipping in the US!

Nfu-Oh 117

OMG.  I bought this one on a whim.  I didn’t realize how beautiful it was until I tried it on.  It’s a Blurple with blue flash shimmer.  I. Love. This. Color.  I wore this to the Make Up For Ever Pro Party and I received quite a few comments on it!

Nfu-Oh 568

Greens have really grown on me over the years, and like a good junkie-lemming I saw 568 on ALU and decided I had to have it.  I even bought the flaky she paired this shade with.

Nfu-Oh 056

I usually don’t layer polishes and I’m not a big glitter fan, but I decided this flaky glitter polish was so special I wanted to own it.  There is so much more where this beaut came from and if I had my way, I’d make them all mine!

Nfu-Oh is sold online on for about $12 each, but I’m telling you it’s worth it.

Color Club Untamed Luxury Fall 2010 Swatches & Review

Posted in Brown, Color Club, Gray, Purple, Shimmer with tags on October 20, 2010 by ainamakeup

I have to be honest.  I hadn’t owned any Color Club nail polishes until this collection.  I saw the swatches on Scrangie, and I decided to give them a try.  I bought mine from and for only $2.75 each, you can get them all!  I wish I’d tried Color Club sooner because this is a great brand!  The quality is excellent, the formula is great and the price is oh so right!

Color Club Soft As Cashmere

Have I mentioned how much I love gray.  Can’t have enough.  This is a great gray creme if you wanted to try a gray but didn’t want to spend a ton of money.

Color Club Ready To Royal

Dark and Vampy.  What’s not to love.  This is a great eggplant creme that looks almost black.  It’s not unique, but I still like it!

Color Club Positively Posh

This gray has more brown in it than soft as cashmere.  It looks similar to Merino Cool by Essie, but I haven’t compared the two side by side yet.

Color Club Jewel of a Girl

Beautiful!  Kind of reminds me of Dr. Pepper or a dark cream soda.  I really like it.

Color Club Nothing but Truffle

Dark chocolate shimmer.  I like the dark brown base and the subtle bronze toned shimmer.  This one reminds me of Root beer.  I’m sure we’ve seen similar shades before but of course that’s not going to stop me from buying!

The formula on these were fantastic!  Color Club definitely proves you don’t have to spend much for great polishes with great quality!


Essie Fall 2010 Swatches and Review

Posted in Brown, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, Taupe with tags on October 19, 2010 by ainamakeup

I’ve been really loving what Essie has been coming up lately.  I could not wait for this collection for Fall 2010.  Some of the colors are nothing new, but classic shades that I love.

Essie Sew Psyched

What can  I say!  When I first saw this color advertised I knew it would be a favorite and it does not disappoint! This is definitely in my top 5 for Fall.  Grayed out sage green.  This was the color I wanted to paint the walls in my bedroom.  Somehow This is not the color that’s on my walls

Essie Merino Cool

Taupe Gray that has a hint of purple.  Another fave.  It took me forever to find this at my favorite beauty store because it was sold out every time went to look for it.  There are tons of grays on the market now, but I can’t resist each one.

Essie Limited Addiction

This was a fantastic addition to the collection.  It’s bright but still very fall.  I’m not a typical red wearer, but I’ve definitely worn this more than once since I’ve bought it.

Essie Velvet Voyeur

Another color that is nothing new, but still one I’d gravitate towards.  I didn’t buy it initially but decided I wanted it and I got it!

Essie Little Brown Dress

Again, there are plenty of dark almost black browns out there, but like a true addict, I just had to have this one as well.  Browns are among my favorite colors.

You can get these on of course, but I like to go to one of my favorite beauty booty spots, Beauty 35 in NYC.

Nail Porn: My First Chanel Polishes!!!

Posted in Brown, Chanel, Purple, Taupe on October 6, 2010 by ainamakeup

I never thought I’d own any of these.  I didn’t think I had the gumption to pay over $20 bucks for a single nail polish, but the heart wants what the heart wants.   I resisted the “Black Satin” craze. I’d even managed to not cave in when “Jade” took us all by storm.  I know I’m late to the party but after seeing swatch after swatch of these throughout the nail bloggesphiere, my will was broken.  I gave in, purchased my first Chanel nail polishes and I have no regrets!

Chanel Paradoxal

What a gorgeous unique color.  I love the subtle shimmer flash of pink in the grayed-out purple base.  What can I say about Paradoxal that hasn’t already been said.  I will cherish this polish always!

Chanel Pariculiere

Grayed out Taupey brown shades are on my irresistible list.  I just knew I had to have this and I’m so glad I made the investment.  There may be similar colors but I’m so glad I have this one!

A few fingerpaints

Posted in Blue, Finger Paints, Green on October 5, 2010 by ainamakeup

These last few weeks I’ve really succumbed to my lemming and picked up lots of polishes solely based on reviews from other bloggers.  Today I bring you two colors from Finger Paints – which is a brand sold at Sally Beauty Supply.  They are Big 3 Free and boasts a high gloss finish that protects nails.  Here are two of

Finger Paints Gallery Glam

You can really only truly appreciate this color in direct sunlight.  I really love it.  It’s actually a dark blue almost black with imperceptible shimmer.  I kind of wish the blue was more noticable but it’s still a great color!  Unique in my collection.

Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow

Dark vampy green that I really like a lot.  I first saw this swatched at Steph’s Closet and it looked to me to be similar to Nars Zulu, which until very recently I was coveting like a fiend (mine is in the mail!).  It’s a great green creme and I love it!

There are many more awesome colors where these come from.  They are super affordable at about $5 a bottle.  Happy shopping!

Zoya Polish Exchange Haul

Posted in Blue, Bronze, Gray, pink, Purple, Uncategorized on October 4, 2010 by ainamakeup

Finally got a free weekend to swatch my haul from the Zoya Polish exchange. I painstakingly went through my nail polish collection to find polishes I wanted to exchange for new Zoyas.  It wasn’t easy, but I sent in 10 polishes and received 10 gorgeous Zoya shades that I just love!

Zoya Pasha

This is a great nude-taupe color.  It has a subtle iridescence that I think keeps the polish from looking blah o boring. I absolutely love it!

Zoya Yasmeen

Pretty purple shimmer.  The shimmer in i looks like it’s under the polish giving it a lit from within effect.  Simply gorgeous!

Zoya Juicy

Hot pink creme.  I decided since I could pick 10 shades that I would get some polishes that I wouldn’t normally select  The color on the nail is a bit different from the bottle color.  It looks more red and less pink.  I really like this one.

Zoya Norra

You know I had to get some brown shades.  This is a medium to dark red based brown creme.  I think this is a great color for the fall.  it’s very sophisticated.

Zoya Juno

Love this shimmery purple with pink flash.  A super fun color to wear.

Zoya Freja

What a lovely shimmery gun-metal gray with a subtle flash that unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do justice.  It’s just so nice!

Zoya Angelina

Dark almost black brown.  Love love love!

Zoya Kalista

Shimmery red based brown.  This is another great color for fall.

Zoya Ibiza

Deep blackened blue.  I just can’t get enough darks.

Zoya Paris

Nora and Paris are nearly identical, I know.  I think Paris is just slightly darker.  I’m not complaining that I got two similar colors, though!

If you want to get any of these and want to know how these will look on your hands, you can partake in Zoya’s new Spoon system!  What a great concept!  Now you really can try it before you buy it!  All of these are available on  Enjoy!