Zoya Polish Exchange Haul

Finally got a free weekend to swatch my haul from the Zoya Polish exchange. I painstakingly went through my nail polish collection to find polishes I wanted to exchange for new Zoyas.  It wasn’t easy, but I sent in 10 polishes and received 10 gorgeous Zoya shades that I just love!

Zoya Pasha

This is a great nude-taupe color.  It has a subtle iridescence that I think keeps the polish from looking blah o boring. I absolutely love it!

Zoya Yasmeen

Pretty purple shimmer.  The shimmer in i looks like it’s under the polish giving it a lit from within effect.  Simply gorgeous!

Zoya Juicy

Hot pink creme.  I decided since I could pick 10 shades that I would get some polishes that I wouldn’t normally select  The color on the nail is a bit different from the bottle color.  It looks more red and less pink.  I really like this one.

Zoya Norra

You know I had to get some brown shades.  This is a medium to dark red based brown creme.  I think this is a great color for the fall.  it’s very sophisticated.

Zoya Juno

Love this shimmery purple with pink flash.  A super fun color to wear.

Zoya Freja

What a lovely shimmery gun-metal gray with a subtle flash that unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do justice.  It’s just so nice!

Zoya Angelina

Dark almost black brown.  Love love love!

Zoya Kalista

Shimmery red based brown.  This is another great color for fall.

Zoya Ibiza

Deep blackened blue.  I just can’t get enough darks.

Zoya Paris

Nora and Paris are nearly identical, I know.  I think Paris is just slightly darker.  I’m not complaining that I got two similar colors, though!

If you want to get any of these and want to know how these will look on your hands, you can partake in Zoya’s new Spoon system!  What a great concept!  Now you really can try it before you buy it!  All of these are available on Zoya.com.  Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Zoya Polish Exchange Haul”

  1. Yasmeen could be one of the best purple nail polishes ever made! I can’t stop staring at my nails when I’m wearing it.

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