A few fingerpaints

These last few weeks I’ve really succumbed to my lemming and picked up lots of polishes solely based on reviews from other bloggers.  Today I bring you two colors from Finger Paints – which is a brand sold at Sally Beauty Supply.  They are Big 3 Free and boasts a high gloss finish that protects nails.  Here are two of

Finger Paints Gallery Glam

You can really only truly appreciate this color in direct sunlight.  I really love it.  It’s actually a dark blue almost black with imperceptible shimmer.  I kind of wish the blue was more noticable but it’s still a great color!  Unique in my collection.

Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow

Dark vampy green that I really like a lot.  I first saw this swatched at Steph’s Closet and it looked to me to be similar to Nars Zulu, which until very recently I was coveting like a fiend (mine is in the mail!).  It’s a great green creme and I love it!

There are many more awesome colors where these come from.  They are super affordable at about $5 a bottle.  Happy shopping!


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