Nars Haul!

I had it marked on my calendar when the NARS Vintage collection was coming out. Like many Nail polish freaks out there, my mind would not be at rest until I found a way to have Zulu in my possession. Finally, NARS announced that Zulu among other  classic polishes were returning!  Hallelujah!

NaARS Zulu

I spent many years out of the nail polish game.  When I got back into it I kept reading from bloggers like Scrangie, The Polish addict and All Lacquered Up about the previously discontinued NARS Zulu.  It was by far the most talked about shade I’d ever seen.  My inner lemming was on!  I kept trying to find dupes, which only increased my love of green nail polishes.  i know it;s not the original 2007 version, but after reading about the very subtle differences in the base color, I’m happy to have the new Zulu in my stash at last – particularly because I didn’t have the application issues I’d read about the original Zulu.  This swatch was three coats with no top coat.

Nars Mash

I really love this color.  Very pretty antique gold/olive green shimmer.  This one is also three coats with no top coat.  i didn’t notice many brush stroke marks.

Nars Midnight Express

Awesome deep blue with a jelly finish.  It’s an almost black so only true polish heads will appreciate the beauty of this shade.  This was also three coats.

I picked these up on  There are two more shades in this collection, Full Metal Jacket and King Kong, but at $16 a pop, I can be but so crazy.


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