Zoya Smoke Collection Fall 2011 Swatches & Review

I just love this time of year when all the fall collections come out.  Spring collections are intriguing to me but nothing makes me more excited than the fall nail color and makeup collections.  The darker, moody nail colors appeal to me more and fall is when they really come out to play!

Zoya Codie

Deep Dark Greenish swampy brown creme. Reminds me of OPI’s Get in the Espresso Lane.  But it’s still not an almost black.  We’ll take it!

Zoya Dree

Pretty pea green.  Like the split pea soup in the can my momma used to make when I was a kid.  I hated that stuff, but I love this shade!

Zoya Jana

As much as I love Gray, it’s not unique anymore.  I still can’t resist a good fall gray, and this one is as good as any of the others out there.

Zoya Anja

Deep, dark and vampy, what fall collection would be complete without a color like this.  Again, dark but not an almost black.

Zoya Cynthia

Teal is again a big color for this fall.  Not as big as last year, but it’s here.  This one is more green in tone and really nice.  I’m definitely not over this trend!

Zoya Petra

Petra is a darker gray, more purple/brown based if that makes sense.  Things always look darker in the crappy lighting of my apartment and the fact that one of my living room lamps bit the dust this weekend isn’t making things better.

The formula on these were nice, just like what Zoya usually delivers with each collection.  You can pick up these beauties at Zoya.com.


These were sent to me for review


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