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China Glaze Holiday 2010 Swatches and Review

Posted in Bronze, China Glaze, Green, Red on February 9, 2011 by ainamakeup

Ok, fine!  I’m just a wee bit late on posting these.  I figure since it’s there is no end to winter in sight,  despite what Puxatony Phil and Staten Island Chuck (seriously, Staten Island has a groundhog named Chuck!) predict, I can get away with reviewing a holiday collection now right?  I picked up a few of the shades that piqued my interest on 8ty8 Beauty.

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy

This dark blue shimmer really caught my eye.  It’s not as “almost black” as other blues out there like Nars Midnight Express or Zoya Ibiza.

Ching Glaze Sugar Plums

Really like this.  This was definitely one of my go-to holiday shades.  Red Plum with gold glitter.  Even though the glitter particles are small, they are still a little difficult to remove, like most glitter polishes are.  I think this is the most traditional and festive of the holiday collection.

China Glaze Naughty and Nice

I can’t ever get enough of vampy dark polishes. This one is a dark plum creme and even though its not anything new, it’s lovely.

China Glaze Peace on Earth

Surprisingly, this was my favorite Holiday shade  I chose this antique gold/olive green  shimmer to wear during the holidays and to all the Holiday parties I attended.  It was different than you usual red and green holiday shades, but was still festive for the season.  Love it!


Zoya Polish Exchange Haul

Posted in Blue, Bronze, Gray, pink, Purple, Uncategorized on October 4, 2010 by ainamakeup

Finally got a free weekend to swatch my haul from the Zoya Polish exchange. I painstakingly went through my nail polish collection to find polishes I wanted to exchange for new Zoyas.  It wasn’t easy, but I sent in 10 polishes and received 10 gorgeous Zoya shades that I just love!

Zoya Pasha

This is a great nude-taupe color.  It has a subtle iridescence that I think keeps the polish from looking blah o boring. I absolutely love it!

Zoya Yasmeen

Pretty purple shimmer.  The shimmer in i looks like it’s under the polish giving it a lit from within effect.  Simply gorgeous!

Zoya Juicy

Hot pink creme.  I decided since I could pick 10 shades that I would get some polishes that I wouldn’t normally select  The color on the nail is a bit different from the bottle color.  It looks more red and less pink.  I really like this one.

Zoya Norra

You know I had to get some brown shades.  This is a medium to dark red based brown creme.  I think this is a great color for the fall.  it’s very sophisticated.

Zoya Juno

Love this shimmery purple with pink flash.  A super fun color to wear.

Zoya Freja

What a lovely shimmery gun-metal gray with a subtle flash that unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do justice.  It’s just so nice!

Zoya Angelina

Dark almost black brown.  Love love love!

Zoya Kalista

Shimmery red based brown.  This is another great color for fall.

Zoya Ibiza

Deep blackened blue.  I just can’t get enough darks.

Zoya Paris

Nora and Paris are nearly identical, I know.  I think Paris is just slightly darker.  I’m not complaining that I got two similar colors, though!

If you want to get any of these and want to know how these will look on your hands, you can partake in Zoya’s new Spoon system!  What a great concept!  Now you really can try it before you buy it!  All of these are available on  Enjoy!

China Glaze Vntage Vixen Swatches and Review

Posted in Blue, Bronze, China Glaze, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, Shimmer on August 23, 2010 by ainamakeup

I’m probably the last blogger to post swatches of these, but I’ve been crazy busy lately.  Without further delay here are my swatches of the China GlazeThis fall 2010, Vintage Vixen.  The other thing that makes this post special is this is my first attempt at natural daylight swatches!  I do hope you like them.

Overall, I really liked this collection.  The formula on these for the most part was was very nice.  Not too thick or thin.  There was one exception (see below)  Each swatch is 2 coats with no top coat.

China Glaze Classic Camel

I am in love with this color. On first sight in the bottle, I thought it looked a little drab.  I wasn’t sure I was going to like it before I tried it, but once I had it on, I loved it.   It reminds me of dijon mustard in this photo.   Unfortunately I had the most application trouble with this shade.  I’m not sure if I shook it before applying or if I got a faulty bottle or something.  I have no idea why it looks chunky on my nail.

China Glaze Foxy

This is a decent brown toned red.  It’s definitely a fall type of color.  the shimmer in it is nice.  I like it, but it’s probably ot going to be the first color I reach for fall.

China Glaze Ingrid

It’s LOVE!  You all know how I feel about grays and taupes.  this one has something special.  Tiny ribbons of gold shimmer throughout.  This photo doesn’t do it justice.

China Glaze Goin' My Way

Lovely coppery, bronze shimmer.  Definitely works Well for the fall.  Really pretty and earthy.

China Glaze Swing Baby

Sparkly silver foil.  This applied like a dream and is definitely more interesting to look at in person.

China Glaze Riveter Rouge

My favorite thing about this pretty cranberry red is the flecks of gold throughout this polish.  This shade is one of my favorites in this collection.

China Glaze Jitterbug

A darker gray silver shimmer with a foil finish.  Another favorite of mine.  I love gray!

China Glaze Hey Doll

Copper rose shimmer.  I surprised how much I like this color.  I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards this type of shade, but I think this looks nice on my skin tone and is also a work appropriate shade.

China Glaze Bogie

Dark polishes have always been my thing and Bogie is no exception.  This deep egplant shimmer is still light enough that it doesn’t look almost black.  just dark, shimmery and pretty!

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

Lovely Green shimmer.  More yellow based than blue I think.  This is another favorite from this collection.

China Glaze Midnight Mission

Very appropriately names as this shimmer in this reminds me as the night sky!  What a gorgeous deep blue.  Another winner for me!  Absolutely love this!

Zoya Wicked Collection Swatches & Review

Posted in Bronze, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, Shimmer, Zoya with tags , , , , , on July 24, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hurray for Saturday!

Today Bring you the Zoya Wicked Collection!  This is one part of Zoya’s fall 2010 collection.  I’ll be reviewing Zoya’s Wonderful collection in my next post.  Overall, I really liked this collection.  I used two coats for each swatch and that was all I needed.  The formula on these were perfect!

Zoya Edyta

This is a beautiful glittery deep gray that almost reads antique gold/green in certain lights.  I think this one is going to be worn by me quite a bit this fall!  Hands down my favorite of the collection.  I’m in love!

Zoya Julieanne

When I first saw Julieanne, I thought this was just like Zoya Mimi, but upon further inspection it’s actually more blue based and cooler in tone. The shimmer is different as well.  In this photo it looks like a night sky full of stars like I used to marvel at as a child spending time down south for the summer.

Zoya Cheryl

I wasn’t sure I was going to like “Cheryl”, but I think it looks really nice.  The dense copper toned glitter is gorgeous in this polish.  The coppery/bronze/brown base seems pretty unique to me.  This one surprised me the most.

Zoya Kym

I’m not sure how to describe this color.  There are tinges of red, burnt orange, pink, copper.  Definitely a don’t have many colors like this in my collection.  Again, it’s not my typical style, but a perfect color for fall.

Zoya Carrie Ann

The brightest polish of the collection.  A light red leaning towards orange – at least in this pic.  The teeny tiny shimmer particles get a little lost in this pic, but trust me there are there.

Zoya Karina

A medium red shimmer.  I think my toes would like a few coats of this polish! I really like the small shimmer pieces in This as well.  This a great red option for fall. Definitely perfect for a dinner date.  Now I just need a dinner date!

You can get these beauties at  I wished they sold them in NYC, but I can always dream, cant I?

Disclaimer: These were sent to me for review.

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics Polish Swatches and Review

Posted in Bronze, Cheeky Monkey, pearl, pink, Red, Shimmer on March 1, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hi Everyone!

Today I bring you swatches and a review from a Canadian company called Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics.  The name alone instantly reminds me of the popular character Simon created by Mike Myers on Saturday Night Live.  The term “Cheeky Monkey” is the only similarity, though.  I’m really digging the concept behind their cosmetics and their nail polish.  Each bottle has a tag attached with a little message written on it like , “Remember that a piece of chocolate cake can’t get you pregnant.”  Too cute!  The polish names are just as fun like “Raunchy Bitch”, “Camel toe” and “Brazen Hussy.” now on to the swatches!

Cheeky Monkey "Thigh Highs"

This color is a brassy/bronze/brown shimmer.  I feel like this would work on a longer nail.  I have pretty long nail beds, but my nails themselves are fairly short.  And I don’t think it contrasts with my skin tone too well.

Cheeky Monkey "Trailer Trash"

I was doing these swatches while my mom was visiting and when I put this on, she remarked how much she liked the color on me.  I have to admit, I like it too!  I think this is a sweet pink, not too pale, not too bright.  Actually, I don’t think this color is trashy at all!

Cheeky Monkey "Staggette"

I like to call this “bitch red”.  This is the kind of color Taylor Swift’s arch rival would wear in the video for “You Belong With Me”.  This screams “If you want it, boys you’re gonna have to work for it”.

Cheeky Monkey "Pearl Necklace"

I’m sure the innuendo is very much intended.  This is your basic pearly white.  Pretty but not a standout for me.

The formula on these were good.  The cremes and the shimmers both had an easy, smooth application. I still need to test the wear and check out their top coat called “I like it on top” (tee hee).  Part two of my Cheeky Monkey review coming soon!

Check out Cheeky Monkey’s Website which includes drink pairings for each nail color and other fun features!  Each nail polish retails for $15.  Happy Shopping!

Throwback Thursday: Old School Mattes

Posted in Bronze, Brown, Gray, Matte, pearl, Purple, Throwback Thursday on February 25, 2010 by ainamakeup

Anyone who has had a longstanding love affair with nail lacquer knows that the matte and satin finish trend is not a new concept. I decided to go digging through my Lacquerholic archives and find my old mattes. I have to admit I haven’t worn some of these in years; reason being I don’t have much time in my day to day life to wait for nail polish to dry. Mattes dry somewhat faster than regular nail polish, but you can’t use a fast drying top coats. My usual nail routine when I want to change polish colors is to add a coat of Seche Vite or Poshe fast drying top coat, wait 20 minutes then go to sleep. I love the fact that I can wake up the next morning with no sheet marks on my polish!

What I love the most about these mattes is that most of them are drugstore brands like Maybelline.

Sally Hansen "Bronzed Matte"

To this day I’ve yet to see any color quite like this and I love it. This is the color of bronze statues. I absolutely love it and will keep it for as long as I can. Notice the very subtle flash of brassy shimmer?  Someone needs to re-create like this so i don’t have to worry about running out!

Maybelline "Matte Galaxy"

I love this pearly, off white matte. Most of the new mattes that are out are dark, so this is a refreshing change of pace.  The application was a little chunky, as this polish is pretty old.  I’m not sure how to fix these because they are matte and not glossy.  Will adding thinner ruin the finish?  I didn’t want to find out…

Maybelline Matte Bronze

This is a very different bronze than the Sally Hansen. This Bronze has a brassy tone to it. It’s not as unique as the Sally Hansen, but I still like it!

Maybelline Matte Grape

Love this! The name says it all. It’s dark, it’s purple, it’s matte, it’s not too chalky.

Maybelline Matte Stone

YES! I love this light gray/brown. Yes the polish is old and it a bit think so it applied streaky but how cool is this matte? This color has to be over 10 years old and I think it was ahead of its time.

If you’re lucky, you can find some of the old Maybelline Express finish nail polishes at your local dollar stores. I’ve seen them at “Lots for Less” on Chambers Street and at “Cosmetic Show” on east 55th Street in New York City. Happy Searching!