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Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics Polish Swatches and Review

Posted in Bronze, Cheeky Monkey, pearl, pink, Red, Shimmer on March 1, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hi Everyone!

Today I bring you swatches and a review from a Canadian company called Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics.  The name alone instantly reminds me of the popular character Simon created by Mike Myers on Saturday Night Live.  The term “Cheeky Monkey” is the only similarity, though.  I’m really digging the concept behind their cosmetics and their nail polish.  Each bottle has a tag attached with a little message written on it like , “Remember that a piece of chocolate cake can’t get you pregnant.”  Too cute!  The polish names are just as fun like “Raunchy Bitch”, “Camel toe” and “Brazen Hussy.” now on to the swatches!

Cheeky Monkey "Thigh Highs"

This color is a brassy/bronze/brown shimmer.  I feel like this would work on a longer nail.  I have pretty long nail beds, but my nails themselves are fairly short.  And I don’t think it contrasts with my skin tone too well.

Cheeky Monkey "Trailer Trash"

I was doing these swatches while my mom was visiting and when I put this on, she remarked how much she liked the color on me.  I have to admit, I like it too!  I think this is a sweet pink, not too pale, not too bright.  Actually, I don’t think this color is trashy at all!

Cheeky Monkey "Staggette"

I like to call this “bitch red”.  This is the kind of color Taylor Swift’s arch rival would wear in the video for “You Belong With Me”.  This screams “If you want it, boys you’re gonna have to work for it”.

Cheeky Monkey "Pearl Necklace"

I’m sure the innuendo is very much intended.  This is your basic pearly white.  Pretty but not a standout for me.

The formula on these were good.  The cremes and the shimmers both had an easy, smooth application. I still need to test the wear and check out their top coat called “I like it on top” (tee hee).  Part two of my Cheeky Monkey review coming soon!

Check out Cheeky Monkey’s Website which includes drink pairings for each nail color and other fun features!  Each nail polish retails for $15.  Happy Shopping!