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Essie Winter 2010 Swatches and Review

Posted in Essie, Gray, Green, Purple, Red on February 20, 2011 by ainamakeup

I’d been waiting for this collection since I first heard about it.  Just when I think I’ve seen every dark, gray or green, something new comes along and I just had to pick up my faves from this collection.

Esie Going Incognito

This green is more yellow based and while this was the color I was most excited about having, I don’t think it looks as nice with my skintone as I’d hoped.  I expected a muted green and this color is brighter than I thought it would be.  I still think it’s a gorgeous green and I’ll probably still wear it anyway.

Essie Luxedo

Luxedo is a deep purple creme. I know it’s not anything we haven’t seen, but I really like this dark violet shade.  No matter how many dark polishes I have, I always want more!

Essie Hot Cocoa

One of my favorites of this collection.  Comparable to OPI YDKJ or other brown/taupe colors out there.  This one seems to have more brown than gray.

Essie Masquerade Belle

Masquerede Belle is actually much brighter than this picture shows.  It’s definitely more wine in tone than say a blackened red like Wicked.  I don’t like many reds, but I’ve worn this one more than once.

Essie Smokin Hot

Love love love!  This smokey dark gray is my fave of the collection.  I think it’s different from the other grays I own.  It’s got some purple to it, and while I love light grays, my favorites are darker ones.  So happy to have this in my Gray collection.

The formula on these are great! I didn’t have a problem with application.  I’m not a fan of wide brushes, so I always appreciate applying Essie polishes.  I got mine a Beauty 35, my favorite beauty supply store in the city but you can get these at  Until next time, addicts!


Essie Resort and Summer Collection Swatches & Review

Posted in Blue, Essie, Gray, Green on July 7, 2010 by ainamakeup

Good Day, Addicts!

I’m finally back with swatches!  I’ve been dying to pick up these lovely Essie shades from the 2010 Resort and Summer collections.  After looking at both collections, I exercised restraint and only purchased three!

Lapis of Luxury

I’m loving this cool toned, Cornflower/periwinkle kind of blue.  It’s different from any blue I own.  I love how soft and pretty it is.

Playa del Platinum

I’m sure you’ve all heard me discuss my love of Grey polishes and this one is no exception.  Playa Del Platinum has a bit of a glow to it.  Not a shimmer… hust a hint of something in the shade to keep it from looking too pale and chalky.

Pretty Edgy

The name says it all.  This color is pretty edgy by Essie standards.  Actually, the green is so bright, it reminds me of colorful kids clothes.  I’m loving this!

Turquoise & Caicos Turquoise & Caicos

Another fave.  I’d been coveting the shade so much I spotted it on a co-worker immediately.  So glad I have it now; it was a top contender for my Jamaica manicure!  You can get these lovelies on the Essie website.  I get mine at one of my favorite spots in the city, Beauty 35!

My Essie Haul at IBS

Posted in Blue, Essie, franken, glitter, Gold, pink, Purple on March 27, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hi there Addicts!!!

I’m back after what seems like a marathon of non stop work.  I finally had some time to do some swatching so I can finally post some polishes I picked up at the International Beauty Show earlier this month.  If you’re in the beauty industry, this is the show for you.  All of the biggest brands of hair, makeup and nails are represented.  I was there on official business doing my job representing a cosmetics company, but I got a spare minute or two to hit up Essie and OPI as they had some great deals!  Essie offered 6 polishes for $20!  Here’s what I picked up!

Essie "Aruba Blue"

Very pretty ocean blue shimmer.  This is one of three blues I got at Essie.  This one caught my eye because I don’t have any blue like it.

Essie "Golden Nuggets"

I picked up this one because I didn’t have a gold glitter I could use on its own or to franken with.

Essie "Sexy Divide"

I bought a lot of purples during my polish buying free-for-all as well.  This one has a bright purple flash embedded in its shimmer that really makes it special.  I love it!

Essie "Midnight Cami"

Another blue.  This ones a dark vampy blue shimmer.  I passed over this color last winter but since I was in buying mode, I decided to pick it up.

Essie "After Sex"

Ok, so I mostly picked up this color because of the name.  I actually think this color is good for before sex.  It reminds me of a glossy candy apple.  It’s definitely a flirty shade – a pink based red with subtle shimmer.

Essie "Mesmerize"

I had already picked out my 6 polishes when I saw this dusty yet bright blue and decided it had to be mine as well.  What a pretty creme.  I’m looking  forward to the beautiful blue skies of spring and wearing this pretty blue polish!

Essie "It's Genius"

Well, I don’t know about genius, but this pinky purple with subtle gold shimmer sure is pretty!  I’m glad I added this one to my collection.

Stay tuned for swatches from my OPI haul coming soon!

My Free Manicure, and Free Essie Polish!

Posted in DIY, Essie, Purple, Shimmer on March 14, 2010 by ainamakeup

I was walking with two of my friends around Union Square today and we each received cards for a free manicure at one of the area salons.  It was a promotion for Kirstie Alleys new reality show, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, which starts this week on A&E.  The only caveat was that you had there was no polish choice.  Everyone had their nails painted with the signature shade of Kirstie Alley’s big lie by Essie called “Life, Lick it”  It didn’t matter to me because the color was pretty fabulous.  I haven’t had a professional manicure since last September for my best friend’s Wedding.  I had some time to kill so I jumped at the chance to get a free manicure.

I took this opportunity to pay close attention to what the manicurist was doing, so my at home manicures will look a little less DIY.  I paid particular attention to how she painted my nails.  the first placement of the color was on the lower third of the nail, not too close to the cuticle so the color never drifted where it shouldn’t go.  She painstakingly moved the brush over my nails.  She did not do what the magazines used to tell you to do, one stroke down the middle, and one on each side.  She used CND base coat, and Out the Door top coat, which is not my favorite fast dry top coat but  it certainly served its purpose.  The best part was, Each person got to keep the bottle of polish!

Essie "Life. Lick it"

This is a Red based purple shimmer.  I’d probably choose this color even if I was getting a paid manicure!  It’s dark but not too dark.  I want to try and get a picture in the sunlight but since I’ve barely seen the sun in three days outside my window, that won’t be possible.

A few radnom swatches for your viewing pleasure

Posted in Blue, Brown, China Glaze, Essie, glitter, OPI, Shimmer on December 4, 2009 by ainamakeup

Now that I’ve learned a bit more about how a camera works and how to get better pictures, I decided to swatch a few of the polishes I’ve bought recently.  Check ’em out!

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Essie Mint Candy Apple

This one is way…WAY out of my nail polish comfort zone.  I never wear pastels and bought this on a whim because i thought, “why the hell not”.  I’m surprised at how much I think I like this.  I think it pops against my skin tone really well.  I’m not 100% sold on it but I’m going to wear it as my NOTD tomorrow including a birthday party I’m going to tomorrow night so we’ll see what happens!  The formula on this is pretty thick.  I applied three coats and a coat of Seche Vite.

Opi Holiday Glow

OPI Holiday Glow

This one I love!  It’s a brownish purple with gold toned glitter.  This is three coats with no top coat.  I love the shine on this.  The formula was perfect.  Not too thick, not too runny.  Just right!  This is  totally my cup of tea and a major contender for my Christmas or New Years Eve nail color!

China Glaze Tree Hugger

China Glaze Tree Hugger

This is another green I didn’t think I’d fall in love with but I did.  I have to say, green really works on darker skin tones!  Well, at least mine!  I’ll definitely be rocking this green in the spring time!

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Please ignore what is clearly the result of nail painting late at night after a glass of wine…or two.  I may have mentioned in earlier posts that I recently got a bunch of China Glaze polishes in an attempt to make up for all I’ve been missing!  The formula on all the China Glaze polishes I’ve tried have been excellent and this one is no exception.  I wore this today and really liked it!  i didn’t think a mid toned blue shimmer would work so great but this is a great color and something I could definitely see myself wearing again.

Well, my friends, that’s it for now.  I’ll be posting more pics in the coming days!  Have you all thought about what your tips and toes will rock for the Holidays?  Tell me in the comments!

My First Franken

Posted in Blue, Essie, franken, glitter with tags on November 15, 2009 by ainamakeup

So, for a while there, I was out of the nail polish game and not really up on what was going on and I completely missed out on Essie Starry Starry Night.  So I decided to make my own.  I didn’t even decide to make it until I noticed a few polishes  in one of my local beauty supply stores in Bkln that I thought could do the trick.

This formula is half of Brucci’s Black & Blue with half of an old Essie color I found called Silver Bullions.  Those of you who are lucky enough to have SSN, PLEASE take a look and let me know if I’m close to the original!  This is 3 coats with a topcoat of Olan Quick & Slick.

My Starry Starry Franken

So how close am I?