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Knock Out Cosmetics Swatches

Posted in Blue, Knock Out, Orange, Red with tags on May 21, 2010 by ainamakeup

This weekend I had the privilege of attending The Makeup Show in NYC.  I was there on official business working for a cosmetics company,  but I of course managed to steal a moment or two to check out some of the goodies being offered at the show.  I have much to tell, and you’ll hear more about my awesome finds in future posts, but first things first – I must tell you about my experience at Knock Out Cosmetics.

Knock Out is a high-end line of matte finish nail colors.  What I love about these polishes, just at first sight is beautiful bottles that are modern, and at the same time belong on the vanity table of a Hollywood Starlet circa 1945.  The best thing about Knock Out, though is how unique  the collection is.   Mike Potter, the brains behind this whole operation, definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, creating shades that you can justify owning because, trust me – you don’t have anything similar.  These polishes have a look that sets them apart from the pack!

I went by the booth and much to my surprise Mike Potter was actually there! What’s more is he generously gave me two bottles to write about!

Knock Out "Pool"

Pool is a pretty sea blue, that I know I definitely do not have dupe for, glossy or otherwise.  Despite the coolness of this color, I like the way it looks against my skin tone.

Knock Out "Match"

It took me a minute to figure out why this shade was named “Match”.  Then I realized it bares a striking resemblance to the orange-red tops of match sticks!  I don’t think I would have ever seen something like that and thought, “that should be a nail color.”  I’m usually not into bright color,  but I absolutely love this!

Knock Out Cosmetics polishes are sold online t and at select stores across the country.  Happy Shopping!