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Mattese Elite Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Posted in Blue, Gold, Green, Mattese Elite on January 4, 2011 by ainamakeup

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!  I know I’ve been gone for a while but I am back!  December was a crazy busy month for me work wise.  I worked 19 days in a row.  No days off.  I’m so glad the work marathon is over and I can get back to blogging regularly!  Behold the Fall 2010 collection from Mattese Elite.

Mattese Elite is a brand sold at legendary NYC Cosmetics and costume emporium, Ricky’s.  You’ll notice some of the shades in their fall 2010 collection are named similarly  and bare a resemblance to polishes of some of the more well-known brands, but at around $5.00 a pop, you won’t mind the shades being knockoffs, and the quality is definitely there!

ME Lost in Passion

This one really surprised me.  I just didn’t expect such a bright blue when I first looked at the bottle color.  I thought t would be more of a blurple.  There is a lot of purple micro shimmer that shows in the bottle, but after three coats it’s a bright blue.  I really like it.

ME Green with Envy

Forest green creme.  Love it!  It may not be that unique, but if you’re looking for a color like this, I’d highly recommend this one.  This one is a regular in my winter rotation.

ME Amazing Rush

This is a glittery olive-green/antique gold.  I was afraid I wouldn’t love it, but I do.  It’s not too gold and not too green, and I think it works well with my skin color.

Ski Teal Dusk


Ok, so the name of this one was definitely  ahem…inspired by OPI’s “Ski teal we drop”.  So what!  It’s a more affordable teal that applies like a dream and looks great!

The formula on all of these were great!  Two coats on all the swatches and that was really all that I needed.  You can order these online at for only $5.99!