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Fashion Week: Nails at “The Vessel by Lois”

Posted in Fashion Week, M2M DamoreJon, Nude, Purple on February 10, 2010 by ainamakeup

I was oh so fortunate to be invited by the fabulous Felicia from This That Beauty to the runway show for “The Vessel by Lois“.  Felicia was the key makeup artist for the show.  She and her team did a fabulous job! The models looked fabulous but first things first:

Tee hee! That's my seat!

At the risk of sounding like a complete green newbie dork I can’t help but be a little giddy at seeing my name on one of those chairs at a fashion show for the first time.  Okay fine, so they spelled Lacquerholic wrong but whatever!

The Vessel by Lois is a fashion line that is inspired by menswear and the work uniform.  Lois Samuels, the designer is also a model and author.  This is her third showing for Fashion week.  Just looking at the clothes I felt that The Vessel by Lois is so the way I would dress if I had the money…and the body.  This isn’t a line for the girly girl.  I love clothing that is understated, menswear inspired subtle, and chic, but that is still feminine.  Everything looked so tailored and polished.  I don’t wear many patterns or flowy dresses or even skirts, so this line really spoke to me. Okay that is pretty much the extent of my fashion expertise.  You’d think growing up in NYC I’d be more fashion conscious! Ms. Samuels, the designer is also a model, if you can’t already tell by how beautiful she is.  I thought she was one of the models in the show!

The Designer, Lois Samuels (middle) with two models from the show

The Nails!

This was the nail look, brought to you by M2M DamoreJon.  I got a moment to speak to the creator of M2M and Key manicurist Myrdith McCormack and her team, VP Dawn Sterling and Christy Marshall.  Ms. McCormack created this celebrity inspired line that is Big Three Free and is truly socially conscious.  A portion of the proceeds from every bottle goes to help her homeland of Haiti!  And this was before the earthquake!  Now that’s what I call awesome.  The base color used for this look was “Let’s Talk” a taffy-like nude creme that looks more orange here than it does in real life.  The tip of each nail was painted with a deep purple called “First Lady”, inspired by none other than Mrs. Obama herself, from their soon to be released Legends collection.  Looking at their website the line looks awesome and I am loving the colors!  M2M DamoreJon is sold in select boutiques and retails for $11.  Check out their website for more info!

Oh and one more thing:

Pretty tree in my 'hood


My Mannequin Hands!

Posted in Nude on January 12, 2010 by ainamakeup

The fabulous Michelle from All Lacquered Up has a feature on her blog called Mannequin Hands; that awesome shade of nude polish that gives one an elongated look to the hands.  I didn’t realize this was a trend, and I think it’s pretty cool.  Most days I like my nail polish to stand out.  I’m usually a little disappointed if I don’t get a comment from an acquaintance or co-worker about what polish I’m wearing.  I do like to switch it up and do a light or nude polish, especially on those occasions when I need to look “professional”.

I love the shade I chose, “Uber” from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  Even though it’s a nude, the color is made by such an edgy company.  OCC Cosmetics truly has some unique products and while Uber is the most tame, it really looks great on my skin.  Check out my pictures here!