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Piggy Paint Part 2

Posted in Non-Toxic Nail Polish, Piggy Paint, Red on April 21, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hey Lacquerholics!  A while back I reviewed a non-toxic nail polish called Piggy Paint.  It’s usually marketed to children but  the colors are funky enough that I think adults could love them too!  Now the product has very specific directions on how to apply, most notably that you do not use a base or a top coat.  I decided I wanted to see what would happen if I applied the piggy paint using a traditional base and top coat.

Last review I applied a shimmer color called “girls rule”. this time I picked up a bright red creme called “sometimes sweet”.  Let’s just say there’s a reason why the directions are specific with regards to applying base and top coat.

I applied the polish the night before using Sally Hansen Hard As Nails as a base coat and Poshe fast drying top coat.  The creme dried to a satin-like finish before I applied the glossy top coat.  The following morning, I did my usual morning routine and my nails looked pretty good… that is until I got off the bus on my way to the subway and noticed my thumb.

Granted, the photo is very blurry as it was hastily taken with my camera phone on my blackberry but I think you get the picture.  Now if you remember from my last review I did notice chipping when I applied the polish as directed.  However it took several days for that to occur.  This chip on my thumb happened during the first day.  The moral of this story is, if you’re going to use Piggy Paint, follow the instructions and do not use a base and a top coat!

Piggy Paint can be found in New York City at Ricky’s and I recently noticed them at Duane Reade.  Don’t forget There’s a coupon code just for my Lacquerholics out there by going to and using the code LACQUER10L and you’ll get 10% off.  Happy Shopping!


Piggy Paint Swatches, Review and Big News!!!

Posted in Non-Toxic Nail Polish, Piggy Paint, pink, Purple on February 16, 2010 by ainamakeup

Hey there fellow addicts!!!  Scroll to the end of this post for my BIG NEWS!

I’ve been sick for the past few days with a fever and some chest congestion.  Thank goodness the worst of it is over, so now I’m back with a review of a polish I first discovered at Ricky’s NYC.  Ricky’s is a great shop for edgy makeup, lashes, wigs and the like.  Ricky’s is most known for their outrageous Halloween costumes (read: super sexy).  Ricky’s is not the first place I would think of when trying to find products that are safe for children to use,  so it was surprising to me that right next to the latest OPI collection was an inconspicuous display for a brand called  Piggy Paint.  What makes Piggy Paint so special?  Well for one thing it’s target audience are children (and the parents who love them).  This collection of 13 shades are vibrant hues of green, blue, pink, red, purple orange, silver and even black.  These colors may have been created for kids, but I think the fun colors appeal to us grown-ups too!  What really sets Piggy Paint apart is that it’s non toxic.  I’m not just talking just Big Three Free.  I mean actually non-toxic.  We’ve all accustomed to big three free, but Piggy Paint takes it one step further, claiming that it’s “Natural as mud”.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  I just had to investigate further.

The first thing I did when I opened my bottle of Piggy Paint polish was smell it.  It really did not smell like your average nail polish.  I didn’t really smell anything, and what I did smell didn’t sting my eyes or nose at all.  My cat Sweetie winces every time I get near her with a wet nails or polish remover.  But she didn’t squint with displeasure once while exposed to Piggy Paint.  That’s pretty cool!

The Piggy Paint came with a card with instructions on how to apply the polish as well as a bottle of non-toxic remover.  The instructions don’t mention using a base or top coat and Piggy Paint doesn’t offer one, so I used the polish on my bare nails.  I’m sure that’s due to the fact that most kids don’t have the patience to sit through applying a base and top coat.  The instructions read to wash hands with soap and water, apply 2-3 thin coats of the polish.  I let mine air dry, but for maximum chip resistance, they recommend to use a blow dryer for 1-2 minutes.  Believe it or not, I don’t own a blow dryer!

The polish dried very quickly.  It dries to a finish that’s not matte but not glossy.  There’s a little flash of something I can’t really describe that helps give it a faux glossy look when the light reflects it.  The color I have is called “Girls Rule”, described as a bright, shimmery purple but it looks more pink to me than purple.  It’s not a color that would normally gravitate towards.  While I think us big girls would love many of these colors, this one screams 3rd grade girls slumber party to me.

I gave the polish a test drive for durability.  I polished my nails on a Saturday, and kept it on for 5 days.

Girls Rule, Day 1

"Girls Rule" Day Five

As you can see there is some major chipping happening on two of my nails.  The first big chip happened on Tuesday.  Bear in mind  I didn’t do the blow drying technique as described in the instructions.  I’d love to see if there is a major difference in how long the finish lasts.  I’m planning on wearing this with a traditional base and top coat as well to see if it disagrees with the formula of the polish.  I’d also like to seen if there’s a difference in durability between the shimmers and the cremes.  I’ll be adding that info to part 2 of my Piggy Paint Review coming soon!

You’d think given the good sized chips in my polish that removal would be easy, but it wasn’t.  The instructions on the polish remover were to soak the nail in the remover with a cotton ball.  It was about as difficult as removing glitter nail polish.  Actually, I still notice minuscule traces of Piggy Paint on the sides of my nails, and it’s been about a week since I removed it!  I did attempt to use regular nail polish remover and the results were similar.   Overall, I think this is a great alternative to traditional nail polish, with colors that appeal to people of all ages!

And now for my big news!!! The good people of Piggy Paint Has decided to share with all the Lacquerholics out there with a coupon code for 10% off anything including Sale Items!!! the code is “LACQUER10L” and you can start using it NOW through April 30, 2010!  Get to shoppin’ at Piggy Paint’s Website Enjoy, y’all!!!

Disclaimer: The products in this review were provided by the manufacturer.  For more information please see my disclosure policy.