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Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches

Posted in Black, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, Rescue Beauty Lpunge on December 23, 2009 by ainamakeup

I felt like a fraud being a lacquerholic and not owning even one RBL Nail polish.  I just cannot justify $18 per polish on my inconsistent freelancer income.  Luckily RBL had a 50% of sale last week, which I could not be happier about.  I finally stocked up on polishes I’d been dreaming about for ages!  It was so hard choosing which colors to purchase, but here’s what I got.  All of these pictures are three coats.

RBL Black Russian

This is just too pretty!  A gorgeous blackened red jelly-like base with red glitter tat has what I’ve heard the other bloggers call a “lit from within” effect.  I chose this polish because I don’t have anything like it.  It’s beautiful and I’m so happy to have added it to my collection.

RBL No More War

I love love love this!  I’m so happy I selected this.  I knew if I ever had the chance to buy an RBL this would be on my list.  Probably my first choice.  This pic is showing up a little brighter than it really is.  I’ll try to get a pic in natural sunlight ASAP.

RBL Stormy

I’m a sucker for gray nail polish so I knew Stormy would be on my list.  The name of this color says it all.  I like that it’s got a tinge of blue.  The euphoria continues…

RBL Orbis Non Sufficit

At first I thought I should have just gone with one green and called it a day, but I couldn’t make up my mind between this lovely grayed out green that is the brainchild of The Polish Addict. and the cult classic “Recycle” so I got both.  Recycle coming up after this little beauty below…

RBL Scrangie

The namesake of one of the biggest polish bloggers out there, Scrangie is a totally unique shade.  I’ll just use her words to describe it since she created it.  “It’s a medium blue-based purple with green iridescence and green microshimmer.”  I love the way this looks!

RBL Recycle

This was another must.  I’ve been hearing about this color since it came out and I just had to be one of the cool kids and have it.  I don’t regret it.  It’s a great shade.  A rich green that makes me smile!

Well, this was pretty much my Christmas gift to myself…maybe that’s why I selected so many greens!  LOL  A huge lemming has been satisfied…well at least until the next RBL 50% off sale!