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Makeup Monday: Lacquerholic’s Favorite

Posted in Makeup Monday, Sage Advice, Skincare on January 19, 2010 by ainamakeup

It’s Makeup Monday, y’all!  Today I’d like to share with you, not one of my favorite makeup products, but one of my favorite skin care lines.  I don’t know many people who have heard of Sage Advice Skin Care. I had first heard about them when I used to write product reviews for Cosmetic  It took a while to figure out how to order and what to order.  The first step in the process is buying a try me pack.  You have to fill out a questionnaire and then Barbara Strickland, the founder of Sage Advice skin care, will personally email you her recommendations.  Then you buy the try me pack that will most likely work for you.  If you get something that doesn’t work on your skin, you can change it for a different formulation.

It seems like a cumbersome process but once you jump through all those hoops and find the products that work for you, the real fun begins. My Favorite Products are:

SPF Sunblock 27 – $16.00

I can honestly say this is the best facial sunblock I’ve ever used.  I’ve gotten lax in my sunscreen usage in the cloudy mess that is my makeup table but realized that I need to wear sunscreen every single day.  Even when it rains.  What I love about it is that it doesn’t leave my skin ashy.   As a African-American woman, this is huge!  This same sunblock also comes in SPF 40!

Corrective Grains = $17.50 for 4 oz

This is actually step one in the skin care routine.  If you order from Sage they will give you complete instructions on how to use their products..including rubbing ice on your face!  Sounds crazy but it does feel good, especially if your skin is red and iritated…and on a hot summer day.

Facial Shampoo – $17.50 4 oz

I really love this facial shampoo, but I’d say if you can’t afford to get everything you want, you could skip this one.  I’ve found cheaper alternatives.  When I can splurge I get this and it just makes my face feel so soft and clean.  No need for a separate makeup remove here.  It takes eye makeup off like nothing else!

Fix Zit/Miracle Zit – $11.50 – 14.00 (depends on the formula) 2 oz

The Zit products are one of the things Sage is known for.  I’ve tried several variations of this but I really like the gentler Fix Zit more than Miracle Zit. I find my skin doesn’t like salicylic acid for getting rid of breakouts but my skin really loves sulfur, and I find the Fix Zit with sulfur really works well.  I have used this on a pimple at bedtime and have woken with the offending zit completely gone!

Gelloid Moisturizer & Mask – $25 2 oz

This is a fantastic, emollient moisturizer.  If you’re not moisturizing, I implore you to reconsider! I use Gelloid in all seasons but in the winter time, this is a life saver!  Like The facial shampoo, I can live without if when i can’t afford to replace it in this unstable economy but when I can I savor every smooth application.

Sage Advice is based in St. Louis so have to order it by web or phone but it’s a line worth trying- especially if you have problem skin!