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RT @evepearl: Several of you have contac

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RT @evepearl: Several of you have contacted us regarging not being able to receive our @EvePearl emails. We apologize for the…

Zoya Spring 2011 Swatches and Review

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Spring still hasn’t completely sprung here in NYC.  But that hasn’t stopped me from bringing the spring to my nails with the Zoya Intimate collection for Spring 2011.

Zoya Gemma

Super pretty green this pic does not do this color justice.  There is a super subtle flash of violet here.  I don’t think I have anyy other green like this in my stash.

Zoya Marley

I’m glad this collection has taken a more sophisticated turn from the super bright pastels of last spring.  Marly is the most pastel-ish of the lot.  It looks a little pink, a little white and a little violet at the same time.  I’m not mad at it!

Zoya Caitlin

Yay another gray!  This one has a tinge of cornflower blue in it and even though it’s a pretty dark gray, it still feels spring-like to me.

Zoya Dove

This one is one of my faves.  A much lighter gray than Caitlin and I think it’s a good contract against my skin.

Zoya Dannii

I think this is the most unique of the collection.  A purple shimmer wish silver micro glitter.  Not my usual style but definitely a fun color to wear, particularly for spring.

Zoya Jules

A light gold shimmer.  I don’t wear alot of gold but I think I would wear this.

All in all i think this is a nice collection of wearable shades that could work on anyone.  You can get each for $8.00 on

Disclaimer – These were sent to me for review.

China Glaze Anchors Away Preview

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Anchors Away!

Hey All!


I first heard about this collection from ALU from her review of the Cosmoprof Trade Show this past summer.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this collection ever since.  Check these out:


  • · Life Preserver: Highly pigmented and luxurious poppy crème.
  • · Hey Sailor: Vibrant crème red.
  • · Ahoy!: Delightfully intense pink that flashes with reflective glass speck.
  • · First Mate: Sophisticated and rich navy crème.
  • · Starboard: Hip and playful green crème.
  • · Lighthouse: Multi-dimensional, bright yellow glass speck.
  • · White Cap: Whimsical and sparkling multi-dimensional white.
  • · Pelican Gray: High shine, cool toned grey crème.
  • · Sea Spray: Calming pale blue crème.
  • · Below Deck: A flirty mix of taupe and violet.
  • · Sunset Sail: Delightful peachy pink high shine crème.
  • · Knotty: Micro-particle beige shimmer.

I’m super excited about Sea Spray, Pelican Gray, First Mate and Starboard.   China Glaze is sold at Sally Beauty Supply and online at 8ty8 Beauty Supply and should be released any day now.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

Two New OPI’s

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I picked up two new OPI’s recently.  Take a gander at these babies!

OPI Teasy Does It

Out of all the sparkly colors in the new Burlesque collection I decided I only wanted one.  It wasn’t a matter of restraint, I just wasn’t feeling the majority of the colors. I’m not a big fan of Glitters and I love dark polishes more than the majority of the colors featured in the Burlesque collection.

OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow Suede

I really love the Matte finish on this suede shade.  Green, matte, shimmery.  What more can I ask for?  I find it odd that they suede versions OPI releases are not remotely like their classic counterparts.  However unlike they are, the still have a special place in my heart.  And you get two polishes in one by using a shiny top coat!

OPI HTAT with Top Coat

It’s really pretty with top coat, but I think I like the dull, matte finish better.  People just don’t wear them enough!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been crazed at work.  We had a huge promotion over thanksgiving weekend and we are just now getting the last of the overwhelming amount of orders out.  I’m back and definitely plan on posting and updating at least twice a week if not more!

CND Shellac Update – 12 New Colors!!!

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Are you addicted to CND’s Shellac but less than thrilled with such a limited color selection?  Well just wait until March, 20110 when CND debuts 12 new Shellac shades!  I’ve yet to experience Shellac myself but the future addition of 12 new colors definitely motivates me to put this high up on my nail care bucket list!  Here’s a sneak peek at the new shades:

Shellac is a professional salon service. Manicure prices generally range from $25-45 and pedicures from $40-60 depending on location. For local salons around the world offering Shellac, visit the Shellac Salon Locator at

Zoya Polish Exchange Haul

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Finally got a free weekend to swatch my haul from the Zoya Polish exchange. I painstakingly went through my nail polish collection to find polishes I wanted to exchange for new Zoyas.  It wasn’t easy, but I sent in 10 polishes and received 10 gorgeous Zoya shades that I just love!

Zoya Pasha

This is a great nude-taupe color.  It has a subtle iridescence that I think keeps the polish from looking blah o boring. I absolutely love it!

Zoya Yasmeen

Pretty purple shimmer.  The shimmer in i looks like it’s under the polish giving it a lit from within effect.  Simply gorgeous!

Zoya Juicy

Hot pink creme.  I decided since I could pick 10 shades that I would get some polishes that I wouldn’t normally select  The color on the nail is a bit different from the bottle color.  It looks more red and less pink.  I really like this one.

Zoya Norra

You know I had to get some brown shades.  This is a medium to dark red based brown creme.  I think this is a great color for the fall.  it’s very sophisticated.

Zoya Juno

Love this shimmery purple with pink flash.  A super fun color to wear.

Zoya Freja

What a lovely shimmery gun-metal gray with a subtle flash that unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do justice.  It’s just so nice!

Zoya Angelina

Dark almost black brown.  Love love love!

Zoya Kalista

Shimmery red based brown.  This is another great color for fall.

Zoya Ibiza

Deep blackened blue.  I just can’t get enough darks.

Zoya Paris

Nora and Paris are nearly identical, I know.  I think Paris is just slightly darker.  I’m not complaining that I got two similar colors, though!

If you want to get any of these and want to know how these will look on your hands, you can partake in Zoya’s new Spoon system!  What a great concept!  Now you really can try it before you buy it!  All of these are available on  Enjoy!